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    This happens to be my note-of-interest at the moment.

    I dug around the 'net and found some interesting information. Cassie allegedly contains the following when analyzed (info from, descriptions from Good Scent Co.). Some of the components have I'm not certain which the list refers to:

    -anisaldehyde - spicy, anisic (licorice)
    -benzoic acid - balsamic
    -benzyl alcohol - floral rose phenolic balsamic
    -butyric acid - sharp dairy cheese butter fruit
    -coumarin - sweet hay tonka new mown hay
    -cresol - medical woody leather phenolic/musty phenolic/phenolic narcissus animal mimosa
    -cuminaldehyde - spicy cumin green herbal
    -decanal - sweet aldehydic waxy orange peel citrus floral
    -eicosane - waxy
    -eugenol - sweet spicy clove woody
    -farnesol - mild fresh sweet linden floral angelica
    -geraniol - sweet floral fruity rose waxy citrus
    -2-hydroxyacetophenone - phenolic sweet hawthorn tobacco honey herbal
    -methyleugenol - sweet fresh warm spicy clove carnation cinnamon
    -methyl salicylate - wintergreen mint
    -nerolidol - floral green waxy citrus woody
    -palmitic acid - slightly waxy fatty
    -salicylic acid [no description...although this is the only beta-hydroxy acid, as well as a relative to acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin)]
    -alpha-terpineol - pine terpene lilac citrus woody floral

    It's interesting to see the oil broken down like this, as many of these notes are evident. From the strange mintiness, to the floral aspects, woody aspects, balsamic aspects, spicy aspects (cumin, cinnamon), even the animalic leathery aspects. The only thing in the list I don't smell is the dairy-cheese....this is something I'd expect more in certain florals like gardenia and tuberose.

    It's interesting to see a perfume like Une Fleur de Cassie, where the perfumer takes certain aspects already present in the main ingredient, and emphasize them (cumin, etc.)

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    You're lucky you can't smell the butyric acid. It smells just like vomit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by james peterson View Post
    you're lucky you can't smell the butyric acid. It smells just like vomit.

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