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Thread: Citronella

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    Default Citronella

    From the Note Identification Project Thread:

    Citronella (EO, Aura Cacia, Cymbopogon nardus from Guatemala/India)--3 drops on a cotton, wafted
    Sweet, meaty, grassy citrus--my sensation is that it seems very round, soft and deep without being harshly penetrating. The citrus is lemony, the grass is a little like rotting hay or vegetation that has been wet a long time. After sitting for several hours, the scent lost the "meaty" quality and smelled pretty much like a bug candle.

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    No wonder it has such a strong bugspray vibe!

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    Default Re: Citronella

    Guatemalan Citronella doesn't have that astringent quality to it. Much more pleasant than other sources where it's found.

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