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Thread: Lemongrass

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    Default Lemongrass

    Compiled from the Note Identification Project Thread:

    Lemongrass (EO, origin unknown)--3 drops on a cotton, wafted
    Lemony, minty and earthy--it smells like the sun-warmed lemon mint plants I used to have in my garden (I think it was Melissa), but much more strong in the lemon part of the balance. Upon drydown, I get the same impression as purplebird--lemony dusting polish. It is pleasant, and sort of reminds me of Old English Lemon Oil. When dry, it is definitely much less sharp, and has a very nice mellow roundness that seems grassy and fruity.

    Lemongrass, origin unknown – Bright and lemony, not as delicious as lemon peel, more woody and oily. Has the classic “furniture polish” aroma. Long-lasting. A great addition to improve the longevity of citrus oils.

    Lemongrass – remind me much more of lemons than of the herb

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    Default Re: Lemongrass

    To me it's like lemon mixed with a sweet mint.

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    I LOVE Lemongrass, and use the EO in a homemade soap quiet frequently (usually mixed with Mandarin).

    To me, Lemongrass has predominately, if not overwhelmingly, the sweet quasi-lemon aroma of LemonHead candies, with subtle but noticeable hints of spiciness (nutmeg?) and woodiness (mild cedarwood?) lurking in the background. I find Lemongrass to be much more interesting and appealing than simple cold-expressed Lemon Peel EO --- as well as not being photosensitizing like the latter, although the high citral content can apparently be sensitizing in a more general sense to the skin.

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