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    Default Rosewood / Bois de Rose

    Compiled from the Note Identification Project Thread:

    Rosewood (EO, origin unknown)--3 drops on a cotton, wafted
    Lemony, oily, woody and a little herbal, almost like lavender flowers. After several hours, the scent hollows out, and it seems much more woody at this point. Maybe like fresh wood which has been polished with lemongrass oil, lol.

    Rosewood - Oh, I love rosewood. I adore rosewood. The rosy, lemony aroma of expensive, polished furniture sends me into ecstasy.

    Rosewood/Bois de Rose, origin unknown, 10% dilution in ethanol: bright aromatic wood, a little spicy,, at this concentration it is almost licorice-y.

    Rosewood - 10%: rosewood nice rosy but the alcohol overwhelms my nose

    Rosewood - Poor rosewood, going extinct from over-harvesting, and I can see why. It is being killed for its beauty, like elephant's ivory and Mysore sandalwood. I hope people come to their senses and start to cultivate this stuff. It's dire situation is the only thing that stops me from buying vats of it. How beautiful it is. Lemony, but more subtle and long-lasting than lemon peel essential oil. Woody like sandalwood. No harshness whatsoever, in contrast to lemongrass. It smells like an expensive furniture store that has been recently dusted with a little Pledge. It smells like polished mahogany wood. It is absolutely breathtaking. I wait for the day when I can ethically buy this beautiful substance.

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    Default Re: Rosewood / Bois de Rose

    A tincture of 5 drops EO in 50 ml water. Heated in a ceramic simmering potpourri. EO is by Himilayan Wisdom. The subtitle is "Aniba roseodora." According to Perfume Handbook there are two types of rosewood and resulting oil. The first is from the Brazilian Rosewood tree, also known as Tulip Wood, Physicalymna . This is found throughout tropical South America. The second is from the wood of the Pao Roa tree, type Ariba , a native of the lower Amazon area of Brazil. Therefore my oil is of the second kind.

    My goodness, what an opulent and heady scent! It is very rosy in character. I do notice a strong citrus element as well. And as the notes above indicate, this definitely has the rich scent of furniture polish and old, polished wood. I find a little of this goes a long way. I could smell frankincense all day, but the richness and sweetness of this (though beautiful) eventually reaches my limit.
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    Default Re: Rosewood / Bois de Rose

    I agree with Odysseusm: Opulent. Rich polished wood smell. Not exactly floral, but not exactly woody either; somewhere in between. Quite similar to linalool or ethyl linalool, which can do a decent job of replacing rosewood.

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    Default Re: Rosewood / Bois de Rose

    Quote Originally Posted by JonB View Post
    I agree with Odysseusm: Opulent. Rich polished wood smell. Not exactly floral, but not exactly woody either; somewhere in between.
    Also agree. Spot on.

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    Default Re: Rosewood / Bois de Rose

    I was surprised how much I liked this.

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