Compiled from the Note Identification Project Thread:

Orange Blossom - Absolute, Tunesian, Eden Botanicals - One of the most important notes in perfumery. This is a wonderful ingredient--one of my favorites. It, along with rose and jasmine, are the three most important, useful florals. It smells sweeter than rose, but not as sweet as jasmine. In addition, it has a unique characteristic, which I describe as a "dusty" topnote. I cannot find adequate words to describe it. It smells like dust--earthy, like actual particles of dried soil--not like the undesirable matter that collects on one's furniture each week. This quality is strange and endearing to me. I remember it from my childhood, from the old perfumes that my grandmother brought with her from Europe in the earlier part of the 1900s. This aroma is terribly quaint and nostalgic. In the middle, there exists a great, big, honeyed, fruity sweetness and above that there is the dusty, almost greenish top note. I adore orange blossom absolute. If I had a synthetic orange blossom accord, which I don't, I bet the chemists would have removed the dusty topnote. I bet they would have found it too wild, too uncontrollable, too strange and clashing with the honey and orange. However, I prefer this to the prettied-up version of orange blossom that makes its way into multitudes of shampoos and lotions but which is really more like simple orange essence.

Orange Blossom accord was a surprise. Didn't smell much like what I was expecting - something along the lines of SL Fleurs d'Oranger. Nope, it was a lot of orange and very little blossom. Also seemed a bit musky and a tiny bit aldehydic (now that I know what aldehydic is! )

Orange Blossom
: overripe fruit, crisp linen, woody, nutty, earthy, rounded, salty

Orange Blossom
Absolute- I needed this! I really see the Fleur du Male thing now. Really a nice material.

Orange Blossom tincture - origin: flowers from my balcony, Italy
Two days have made a difference! Sadly, the alcohol is still very much there, but as it evaporates, the smell is honeyed and densely floral. Then the delicate fragrance of orange blossoms shines through, sweet and powdery and suave. Very true to the real blossoms. Still short-lived , no dusty note that i can smell, but my tree is a sweet orange tree and not a bitter orange one, thus the scent of the blossoms might be different.