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    Compiled from the Note Identification Project Thread:

    Rose Absolute - Rosa damascena, Egypt, Eden Botanicals - A natural rose absolute. This does not smell like a live rose. Certainly it smells like rose, with a velvety sweetness but, to me, there is a bit of a fermented quality like wine, and a strong component of fruit and spice, like apple and cinnamon.

    Rose damascene: wow sexy warm goodness, where is this from?

    Rose, India: fresh cut lemongrass rose

    Bulgarian rose
    : beautiful, light rose with a little musk. Reminded me a lot of Fleurs de Bulgarie.

    Rosa damascena - I'm impressed by this sample. Is it a synthetic accord? If it is, hat's off to the maker, because it is mucho realistic. If it is all-natural, I'd say it is among the best I've smelled. In fact, I would be tempted to say it has natural geranium in it, because it is so gorgeous. If you don't believe me, try Malvaloca by Madini sometime. It is a perfume based on wild Moroccan geranium oil. Who is the maker/seller, please?

    Rosa damascena
    – Iran (Persian Rose), Primavera - 10% in alcohol: I smell slightly dried rose petals, like the ones used in a potpourri, or slightly decomposed ones, as if the flowers were picked a couple of hours ago and then left on their own to “mature”. There’s also a peppery aspect to it when it dries down, and a dry hay note. I guess the concentration is too high to really appreciate it on its own, although it fades rather quickly due to alcohol evaporation. I have smelled this rose note before in a couple of all-natural perfumes and I am not a fan.

    Rosa Damascena - (Bulgarian rose), 2% in carrier oil: compared to the above, it smells more like a living rose, but it’s true, it has a wine-y facet. Apple cider? Fermented fruit? Hmmm…could be. I can’t come up with a more elaborate description right now. I have to test it again tomorrow morning with a “fresh” nose.

    Rose damascena, Iran, Primavera – Gorgeous. Smells more like a real rose than any other natural I have tried. Expensive, but worth it. The nicest rose absolute I have ever encountered. Usually the sythetics smell more like a fresh rose and more pleasant than the absolutes, but this is the exception. And it is truly exceptional.

    Rose (Damascus)
    : liquer, clove, wood, little bit of wet cardboard

    Rose, Bulgarian Absolute
    This bulgarian rose doesn't smell like a live rose to me either. Fermented? Possibly. It is a bit like a big bold rose cabernet or somesuch. Complex and full of substance. I also get the hints the apple and spice perhaps cinnamon.

    Bulgarian rose (natural?) – Calssic red rose, fruity, spicy, and not too soapy. Still doesn’t smell like a fresh rose. None of them do.

    Rose de Mai Absolute - Rosa centifolia, Egypt, Eden Botanicals - Personally, I like this better than the damascena. It has a greenness, like a tea rose, and more spiciness. Seems livlier than the damascena, but probably would not mix as well with other notes and therefore not be as useful in actual perfumery.

    Rose de Mai: wet cardboard

    Rose - Comparing the rose fragrance oil I have to Tea Rose (Perfumer's Workshop) and Fleurs de Bulgarie. It smelled just like the Tea Rose, hardly anything like the Creed (lot of musk in that one). After about 5min it changed though to green, spicy tea rose. Not bad, but not sweet enough for me to appreciate by itself :P

    Rose Accord - synthetic, Givaudan Perfumers Apprentice - Intensely rosy. Lacks the woody harshness of natural absolute, as though it had been excised with a knife. Incredibly more fruity. Better sillage. Lasts longer. However, it presents itself in a one-dimensional, solid manner, not wavering from sweet to woody as you inhale, the way the natural presented itself.

    Rose (synthetic): tea rose, milled french soap

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    Default Descriptions of rose scent, by type of plant

    I am asking for help in your forum because I know there are more rose fragrances for women than for men.

    I have two women friends who might be very happy to have a better understanding of the types of roses that are used in perfumery. TPC lists over a dozen--damask, bulgarian, etc. Could someone point me to an olfactory description of these different types of roses? It would be great if the list included representative bottles, too. I started researching this question and then suspected that it had most likely been done already.

    Thanks much!

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    There's pretty much 2 main types of essential oil producing roses that's used in perfumery. That's Rose de Mai (Rosa Centifolia) and Damask. Damask roses from Bulgaria are also called Bulgarian. It's a little hard to explain the differences between Rosa damascena from Turkey and Bulgaria, or Rosa centifolia from France, Morocco or China unless you are smelling them while you are reading this but the difference between the centifolia and damascena is quite distinct.

    Rosa centifolia is sweet, floral and rosy and goes into a spicy sweet honey balsamic.

    Rosa damascena starts out waxy and rosy. It's sightly less spicy and more aldehydic with a slight clover quality.

    The best way to know the differences is to smell and compare.

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    I can't add much more to what heparfumerie has posted. The two most fragrant rose species I know of are Rosa Damascena and Rosa Centifolia. I do know that different growing conditions and different extraction methods will yield different results in the end product. That is one reason the quality of oil varies from year to year--bad weather, for example, can drastically affect the plants' abilities to form the ideal blossom.

    Showing different types of essential oil or absolute bottles will be irrelevant as every distributor uses their own packaging to sell the oil from a bulk source. However, if you are asking specifically about fragrances which contain rose as an ingredient, it is best to do a search in the respective fragrance forums. This question has been asked many times.
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    WoW! Interesting! Thanks a million!
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    I agree with Asha re. Rose de Mai. I got Rose de Mai 10 % - gee- it does smell like wet cardboard.Most disappointing !

    Bulgarian Rose Otto 10 % is amazing. Deep sweet rose with a hint of tea.
    Turkish Rose Oil 10 % - sweeter rose with a dried tea leaf note. A little stronger than the Bulgarian Rose Otto. Similar but I still prefer the Bulgarian Otto.
    'Rose Absolute 10 %' - cheesy rose and gas. Hum- not my favorite.
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    White Rose ( Alba ) - 10 % in fractionated coconut oil ,organic from Nature's Gift.
    Deeper aroma than Bulgarian rose oil - very rosy indeed butstill delicate- a true rose scent.
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    Default Re: Rose

    I tried on Simplers Rose Otto Essential Oil at Whole Foods yesterday. A potent, deep and somewhat lemony rose scent that evoked "Mister Lincoln" and "Chrysler Imperial", both red roses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by heparfumerie View Post

    Rosa centifolia is sweet, floral and rosy and goes into a spicy sweet honey balsamic.

    Rosa damascena starts out waxy and rosy. It's sightly less spicy and more aldehydic with a slight clover quality.

    The best way to know the differences is to smell and compare.
    This is a great description. I just bought some Rosa damascena alba from Bulgaria, and it has an almost lemony note with a faint smell like artichokes. Overall, the rosiness is light yet distinct.

    Straight from the bottle, it smells a bit like tea tree oil.
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    Rose Absolute Maroc, Aqua Oleum: Also known as Cabbage Rose, Rosa Centifolia and Rose de Mai. Thicker and denser than Rose Otto, with a deep ambery colour. It's quite musty, with the rose aroma being somewhat oblique. As others have mentioned, it does verge very close to smelling like wet cardboard but it's not too unbecoming. A subtle green facet peeks through every now and again.

    Rose Otto essential oil, Aqua Oleum: Less viscous than Rose Maroc and almost clear in colour. Vibrant, sparkling and ethereal, with a lemon tang. Smells fresher than Rose Maroc with a fermented wine quality. It also possesses a peppery or spicy nuance, and a general musky demeanour. The rose aroma is significantly clearer and sharper than Rose Maroc.
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    Bulgarian Rose is by far the sweetest IMO.

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    Does white rose smell different than pink or red rose?

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    Yes, and every harvest is different, producer/production affects quality too.
    And the Taifi variant of R. damascena is brighter than the Bulgarian, which is, in turn, softer than the Turkish.

    Most perfumers use laboratory-created equivalents.

    In the end, it's possibly best to sample until a suitable one is found.
    This article may help you:-
    And just for fun:-
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    i would love to know how taif rose smells like?
    when i smell Homage, i can not differentiate from citrus accord, and in Tribute , can not differentiate it from frankincense, also some lemony accord, vibrant, bright... it seems to fade away after 2-3 hours in Homage and 40 mins in Tribute?

    beautiful damascena rose -very sexy in Shalimar Initial L Eau

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