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    Default Ylang Ylang / Cananga

    Compiled from the Note Identification Project Thread:

    (eo, asia) for me this is not at all a pleasant smell, it is kind of a flower exaggeration. it borders on the hawaii-kitschy, reminiscent of tropic countries when it is too hot. i also smell some clove and carnation. very exotic, very heavy.

    Ylang Ylang : Fragrance oil, an intoxicating and heady floral, does not smell so much like the EO, but the resemblance is evident. Rubber, ammonia, white flower

    ylang ylang
    tropical flowers , definitely heady.

    Ylang ylang
    : overpowering exotic, for me it provokes a "just too much"-reaction. also a medical note here like being placed on a dentist´s chair. also the rancid rusty corrodedness of the synthetic methyl salicylate there.

    Ylang ylang 10%: classic sexy scent this one is a bit plastic?

    Ylang-Ylang - I have a blind spot in my memory for this floral. No matter how many times I smell it, it always surprises me, and then I can't remember what it smells like again. I think I confuse it for a synthetic tuberose accord. It is strong, smells similar to jasmine, but more spicy like rose. Nice sample.

    Ylang-ylang - Now that's a nice ylang-ylang. I can't tell you if it's all natural or not because I have trouble identifying this flower. It is highly variable. Some EOs smell good to me, almost jasminey, others smell foul. This one is fruity; it smells like like tropical fruits, smooth, even a bit oily, and sweet. Nice.

    Ylang Ylang Fragrant Oil - very enjoyable! A floral with almost a peppery quality to it. No wonder people use this so much. Very fresh. This is my favorite so far. Only one sample left.

    Ylang-ylang - Fragrance oil . Bubblegum. And I love bubblegum.

    Ylang-Ylang, essential oil, country unknown, 5% concentration in alcohol: it starts with a BLAST! And this blast is extremely unpleasant - who would have thought? It smells strongly of wet dog, wet hay, licorice powder. Maybe my concentration is too high... however, surprise! As soon as the initial alcohol/eo punch evaporates, the smell is soft, powdery, clove-spiked... very reminiscent of carnation, and I'll add the kind of wild deep pink carnation with the smaller, less complicated blooms. I see it spicing up less incisive floral notes, or paired with leather (ok, I am a weird leather obsessed gal) ... maybe to render orris more powdery and floral? I start understanding why it is largely used...its possibilities seem endless.

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    Default Re: Ylang Ylang / Cananga

    Ylang ylang essential oil from Aveda -smooth ,almost creamy - oily ,deep, floral aroma . Very good.
    I've smelt this exact aroma in many Ajne natural scents. In fact when I first applied it - it made me think of Divin and Fleur Blanche by Ajne.
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    Default Re: Ylang Ylang / Cananga

    Ylang ylang oil is sold on streets in the towns throughout Comoro Islands and is heavenly.

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    Default Re: Ylang Ylang / Cananga

    For anyone who enjoys ylang-ylang oils, I cordially suggest you Agent Provocateur's, it is deep, rich, strong and smells for a long time... Divine.
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    Ylang ylang 1st EO - i have a love hate relationship with this EO, the lower quality oils smell outright like antiseptic, very medicinal and turn to plastic or dental office in every blend. You need a high quality extra EO for it to be worthwhile. Ylang lang comes across as heady, sweet, exotic, touch of sweet bakery spices. In drydown you get fruity and often rubber. I rarely like it as a floral note in itself but it is very good for changing the nature of blends. It exalts citrus and softens and sweetens dry woods. Jackfruit is what it reminds me of, pineapple, banana and a hint of mango which incidentally can smell really rank in the heat.

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    Default Re: Ylang Ylang / Cananga

    i love this note,

    Tasneem from smells like top quality yilang flower oil, its so soothing,sweet, creamy, but very fleeting!

    Vanilia L Artisan- here i get a bit of everything: floral- banana smell, little antiseptic too! a touch of plastic(when i smelled it 1st time), but dont get it anymore, the dry down is tiny rubbery note similar to Black Bvlgari

    the colour i associate to this smell is creamy yellow

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    Default Re: Ylang Ylang / Cananga

    Quote Originally Posted by Mimi Gardenia View Post
    Ylang ylang essential oil from Aveda -smooth ,almost creamy - oily ,deep, floral aroma . Very good.
    I've smelt this exact aroma in many Ajne natural scents. In fact when I first applied it - it made me think of Divin and Fleur Blanche by Ajne.
    Ylang-ylang is one of the signature notes in most of Aveda's "pure-fumes" - Shampure or Personal Blends #6 and #15 are both good examples of this. I love Aveda therefore I love Ylang-Ylang!

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    I do like Ylang-Ylang (EO), but it is definitely an aroma that can become cloying to the point of migraine-inducing if smelled for too long, or at too high of a concentration.

    I once used Ylang-Ylang essetial oil in a diffuser in my house for several days in a row, off and on, and by the end of that time I was more than ready to take a LONG vacation from that particular scent! And I have rarely ever responded so negatively to the aroma of an essential oil, if only temporarily (although petitgrain and violet leaf absolutes will instantly send me fleeing in disgust and incipient nausea every time).

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    Default Re: Ylang Ylang / Cananga

    ylang ylang grade III, madagascar

    my sample is easily 6+ years old smells amazing still
    it took me this long to figure out how to blend it
    turns out all it needed was other flower oils
    fantastic impact i love it now
    deepens this narcotic non sweet note in floral bouquets
    enhances and pairs well with white and yellow flowers jasmine gardenia tuberose osmanthus
    difficult to discern in perfumes if you are not familiar with how it smells with other flowers
    on its own, pure, or in blends with no other flowers, i find it cloying and out of place
    it really goes well with other flowers and has a huge impact, essential material in perfume making.

    From "Perfume and flavor materials of natural origin. Arctander, Steffen.
    Rights: Public Domain, Google-digitized. "

    Cananga Oil. The true Cananga Oil of today is the total essential oil, water-distilled from the flowers of Cananga Odorata (forma macrophylla) in the northern and western parts of Java (Indonesia). There are several qualities of Java Cananga Oil, but they are all distilled by the so-called direct-fire method (flowers in water, fire under the pot, and no heating jacket). This method is used for a great part of the ylang-ylang oil production in Nossi-Be and in the Comoro Islands, but not in Reunion (see Ylang-Ylang Oil). Although cananga oil is essentially a "complete oil", the yield obtained in Java is considerably poorer than the yields of ylang-ylang oil (same tree) in the Comores, Nossi-Be, etc. This is due to a very primitive distillation, and to poorly selected flower material; it is also partly due to the fact that the cananga flowers are crushed when packed in the still, while ylang-ylang flowers are not. The flower is extremely delicate, and easily loses its fragrance when damaged. Since World War II, production of cananga oil in Java has increased rapidly, while production in the Philippines (earlier home of the ylang-ylang tree) is negligible. The annual world production of Cananga Oil is about 20 metric tons (1959) which is almost as high as the pre-war figure. Java cananga oil is a yellow to orange-yellow or slightly greenish-yellow, somewhat viscous liquid of sweet-floral, balsamic and tenacious odor. The initial notes are woody-leathery with a fresh-floral undertone, a characteristic combina- tion. The odor type is much "heavier" than that of ylang-ylang and it is also more tenacious than the first and second grades of that oil. Cananga oil is useful in soap perfumery and for the popular "leathery" notes in men's fragrances where it combines well with castoreum, calamus, birch tar oil rectified, cyclamal, creosol, copaiba oil, isobutyl cinnamate, isoeugenol, labdanum products, guaiacwood oil, nerol, para-cresyl sali- cylate, oakmoss products, etc. and with fougere bases, violet bases, etc. The superior stability and tenacity of the odor of cananga oil makes this material interesting for soap perfumes where ylang-ylang oil is of comparatively little value. The fact that far more cananga oil is available than the 10 to 20 tons annually produced indicates that some kind of large-scale adulteration takes place. The most obvious one is most likely a "false denomination of merchandise", rather than plain adulteration. A mixture of high-boiling fractions ("tails") from the distillation of ylang-ylang oil in the Nossi-B6—Comoro area will inevitably end up under the label of Cananga Oil —Java! The principal difference lies in the fact that cananga oil is truly a complete oil, not a fraction of an oil. This, of course, leads certain suppliers to perform a number of manipulations with the ylang-ylang fractions in order to introduce the "missing notes", e.g. by adding synthetic perfume materials, perfume compounds, terpenes, fractions of other essential oils, etc. Very crude adulteration may take place locally (in Indonesia), but this has become rare. In most cases, these adulterations are easily detectable by olfactory analysis. A contamination may occur locally when flow- ers of Anona Suaveolens are admixed to the true cananga flowers prior to distillation.

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