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    Compiled from the Note Identification Project Thread:

    Tuberose: roots, dirt, wet cardboard

    Tuberose (fragrance oil): the rich sweetness of the smell is simply overpowering. like you have searched for many years for the ideal flower and finally found it. you just want it to last. it smells pure, aaaah, the sheer whiteness of it... the smell an angel should wear . funny, i did not smell any of this carnal, erotic notes some are so excited about. but it certainly was the most longlasting fragrance i ever tested. i smelled yesterday´s strip and it still was going very strong.

    Tuberose, absolute, India, Eden Botanicals - UGH. Gack. Yuck. This is the carnal flower! Oh my gosh. This is nothing like any of the tuberose perfumes that I have ever smelled. It is not sweet at first. It is fetid. It smells rotten... Then there is a minty interlude, and some sweetness creeps forth... Now the sweetness is intensifying. I guess if it smells like any flower, it is a bit like rose because it is definitely spicy. Also, there is a heady sweetness like lilac. Over it all looms the annoying rubbery, pungent smell. Saltiness, too. And don't forget, the rotten flowers. People, this is not pleasant at all to me. How do they make perfume out of this?

    Tuberose, absolute, Update: Good, very good. Much sweeter and floral, more perfumelike than any other I have ever smelled. It still retains that slightly "meaty" quality of jungle flowers, but this tuberose is markedly sweet, strangely beautiful, a mix of fleshy and sugary notes, some green and haylike wildness, and a strong projection of a floral note. It explains everything to me about Fracas. What a great note..

    Tuberose, absolute, India, CO2 extraction- Already discussed, this deep orangey-red substance packs a real punch. Mine is strong smelling, only a bit sweet (dispite reports to the contrary) very vegetal, and smells like rotten flowers and a bit of rubber. This is supposed to be real, but where is the piercing sweetness I was mislead to believe was a characteristic of tuberose?

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    Default Re: Tuberose

    Great info! I am pretty new to Tuberose but have been enjoying it immensely lately in Serge Lutens Cedre. I need to start exploring more.

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    i have some but not used it yet.. to me it smells dirty, fecal, sickly, rooty and earthy, but would like to be brave enough to try itout! it is so diff to the florals i am used to!

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    I get rubber tires from this one.

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    Can be gorgeous or hideous. Beyond Love the former, Amarige the latter.

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    This note can be very overpowering for me.

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    This note can be very overpowering for me.

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    Nobody mentioned buttery...

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