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    Default Cedar

    Compiled from the Note Identification Project Thread:

    Cedarwood, USA, Eden Botanicals – Virginia cedar or red cedar is dry, aromatic, dusty, diffusive, deep. This is the classic “pencil shavings” or “cedar closet” aroma.

    Cedarwood: a very elegant smoky woodnote, dusty, clean and remniscent of pencil shavings. but whereas the pencil shavings are - for me - dull and plain this is much more exciting, promising adventures in lands far away. Other sample, coming from china: the wood note is more fully developed here, giving a warmer impression overall, but instead of the smoky elegance there is a - rather unpleasing - petrol note there.

    Cedarwood: my favorite dry wood, pencils

    Cedarwood – Fragrance oil , smells more like living cedar trees to me than the dried, milled wood smell that I get from the EO's. Antiseptic, herbal, dry, penetrating, pungent, citronella

    Cedar – fresh cedar, with a hint of of pungent green something (mint, camphor, ???)
    very nice.

    Cedar - Oy! That's some powerful stuff. Very dry and dusty, clean, and remniscent of pencil shavings. If this doesn't take you back to elementary school and emptying out the pencil sharpener, nothing will. I still buy cedar pencils instead of the ones made of that cheap, glued material. Cedar smells so good.

    Cedarwood Fragrant Oil - completely unexpected. I've been working directly with cedar essential oils of various kinds in making my bad TdH clone. THAT'S what I expected. I get very little cedar here. If my Texas cedar sample was sticking my nose in a cedar box in a curio store, this is like looking at one from six feet away. Frankly, I'm anosmic on this sample. Weird! [OK - a bit later it came back. A bit varnishy - like lemon oil. Definitely not my cup of tea.]

    Cedarwood (FO - origin unknown, probably an accord): odd smell, not one I would really associate with trees but almost minty Hmm maaaaybe there's a bit of wood, but I smell more toothpaste.

    Cedarwood, origin unknown (I start to hate it when there's no indication of the origin on the eo bottles ): woody sunshine! A very clear and fragrant smell of pencil shavings with a softly camphoraceous backgroung.

    Atlas Cedar
    - Soft, woody, evergreen and balsamic combo.

    Atlas cedar (EO, Oshadhi, Cedrus atlantica from Morocco)--3 drops on cotton, wafted
    This smells a little bit like urine, but does not have the biting ammonia component. It is soft with aspects which smell like peach or apricot combined with cedar bracts. Upon drydown, it loses the urine edge, becomes a bit more lemony, and has an overall soft evergreen effect.

    Atlas Cedar
    , Morocco, Eden Botanicals – Amazing note. Light, soft, slightly sweet, aromatic, woody, warm, delicate but diffusive, it smells nothing like Virginia cedar.

    Atlas Cedar: light wood, cherry
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    Default Re: Cedar

    Tincture of 5 drops oil in 50 ml water, heated in a ceramic simming potpourri. The oil is called "Cedar Pine" by Olio Vendibles, a company in San Antonio Texas.

    This is a very attractive scent. It certainly has the true cedar character: it reminds me of a cedar chest, much more than pencil shavings. This is very woody, aromatic, slightly spicy and a bit resinous. A deeply satisfying scent, very brown and woodsy.

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    Default Re: Cedar

    Quote Originally Posted by Asha View Post
    Atlas Cedar, Morocco, Eden Botanicals – Amazing note. Light, soft, slightly sweet, aromatic, woody, warm, delicate but diffusive, it smells nothing like Virginia cedar.
    IMO the absolute best smelling cedar.

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    Default Re: Cedar

    Mmmmmmm, I think this has to be my favorite note of all!

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    Default Re: Cedar

    Cedarwood Deodora Organic – Much lighter than normal cedarwood. Clean, slightly sweet woody smell. Not a cold or a warm smell – more in the middle. I think it might blend well with the Jasmine Absolute I have to make a floral woody perfume.

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    Default Re: Cedar

    any insights on Texas Cedarwood?

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    Default Re: Cedar

    Cedar Atlas EO - soft woody, citric and slightly floral. Sweet. This is the least outright cedar smelling of all the cedars, its exotic and oriental in nature. The cedar note does rear its head in the drydown and at times can have a cat pee smell about it. This is particularly prominent when blended with vetiver which seems to bring out that animalic note. Cedar atlas loves most florals and sweetens and grounds them to bring out the true to life scent, rather than the less desirable aspects.
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    I love Virginian Cedar it's my new favorite note.

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    Default Re: Cedar

    It's quite sweet isn't it? Nothing like the (Virginian) cedarwood I had previously (which apparently is more closely related to juniper). I'm trying to get a balance with vetiver ATM but the cedarwood kinda creeps up on you. It's currently at 19:4 vet:ced and I'm still getting nothing but cedar after 30 secs or so.

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    Default Re: Cedar

    My sample of Himalayan cedar just arrived and to me the smell is less than pleasant. It's definitely balsamic and "soapy", almost kind of stomach churning even. I was eating food and just a little whiff of the smell made the food in my mouth taste inedibly bitter. It smells like a tree that would grow at some high altitude in fairly arid conditions, the smell is more blue than green (if you've ever smelled blue-leaf conifers) and kind a bit harsh for my personal tastes, although there are many people who like it. Although Atlas and Himalayan are the "true" cedars, they are not really what comes to mind when most Americans think of the classic "cedar" scent.

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