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    Compiled from the Note Identification Project Thread:

    Tobacco, absolute, origin unknown, Eden Botanicals – Yucky. Smells like “chaw,” what we used to call chewing tobacco. Sharp, bittersweet, repulsive odor of a spittoon. Strange, pungent, fermented. Dark, viscous goo. Not very useful in my opinion; hay is better.

    Tobacco: sweet, vodka, penetrating, fermented leaves, unsmoked cigarettes

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    one of my faves,strong, deep, sexy, earthy, tenatious,works so well with rose for a dirtyer, deeper rose, but like oakmoss can grow and overpower so more of an acessory note.

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    Love it in combination with tea.

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    I like the tobacco note to be front and center in my fragrances (or at least fairly prominent Some of my faves are:
    1. Tobacco Vanille
    2. Herod
    3. Tabac Rouge
    4. Back to Black
    5. Costamor

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