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    Compiled from the Note Identification Project Thread:

    Tobacco, absolute, origin unknown, Eden Botanicals – Yucky. Smells like “chaw,” what we used to call chewing tobacco. Sharp, bittersweet, repulsive odor of a spittoon. Strange, pungent, fermented. Dark, viscous goo. Not very useful in my opinion; hay is better.

    Tobacco: sweet, vodka, penetrating, fermented leaves, unsmoked cigarettes

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    one of my faves,strong, deep, sexy, earthy, tenatious,works so well with rose for a dirtyer, deeper rose, but like oakmoss can grow and overpower so more of an acessory note.

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    Love it in combination with tea.

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    I like the tobacco note to be front and center in my fragrances (or at least fairly prominent Some of my faves are:
    1. Tobacco Vanille
    2. Herod
    3. Tabac Rouge
    4. Back to Black
    5. Costamor

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    Tobacco absolute, 5% - smells like chamomile with a little bit of spearmint, the green freshness of grass with licorice-type sweetness (if you’ve ever had licorice in a tea), a hint of the dry fine muskiness of smoking tobacco, overall smells reminiscent of sun tea, pleasant to smell, reminds me of the dankness of dandelion leaves on an early misty morning.

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