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    Default Coumarin

    Compiled from the Note Identification Project Thread:

    Coumarin, 2% diluton in ethanol: to my nose, the queen of my whole notes lineup ... lovelovelove it (sorry to be so enthusiastic!). Sweet hay, golden honey, ambery goodness with undertones of almond. It smells like a gorgeous bouquet of many of my favourite notes. No wonder it is listed on the majority of my perfume boxes (yes, I started to check the lists ) and I bet it's on yours too. I believe it is able to round out any scent beautifully.

    Coumarin: hmmm... to me it smelled like cheap almond essence used for flavouring food.

    Coumarin – Like nothing I exptected. A bittersweet almond, more of what I expected from heliotropin. Here is the nutty-cherry aroma of many perfumes. It is like old-fashioned Jergens hand lotion. It is wonderful. The scent grows in strength as it dries. Might benefit from the addition of a sweet, creamy base.

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    Default Re: Coumarin

    Coumarin in isolation smells to me like Almond, Cherry, and Honeyed hay.

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    Default Re: Coumarin

    The Perfumer's Apprentice pre-diluted coumarin smells just like almonds to me. Nothing else, including no hay. I had the same reaction as did the person in the Note Identification Project--in fact, I had been wondering whether they hadn't accidentally switched it with heliotropin,
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    Default Re: Coumarin

    Smells close to overly sweet almonds to me.

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    Default Re: Coumarin

    coumarin smells like tonka bean to me, but somehow more potent....also with that little sweet smell reminds me of iso e super....and such notes...

    its a pleasant note, although i fall for flowers allways more then for basenotes

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