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    Default Vetiver / Ruh Khus / Khus Khus

    Compiled from the Note Identification Project Thread:

    Vetiver, Ruh Khus, India, Eden Botanicals – Wild Indian vetiver has a distinctive smell with strong undertones of dried earth. There are several different kinds of vetiver, each with its own characteristics. Some are more sour, some are sweeter, grassier, drier, earthier, or even smoky. This one is the earthy variety, but all vetivers smell a bit like dried grass with nuances of citrus, mint, earth, and green notes. I categorize it with the woods instead of grasses because it is dry rather than sweet and haylike.

    Ruh Khus Vetive
    r: grass, peanuts, salty, dirt, herbal, dry

    Vetiver EO: very similar to that from TPA set, still has that peanut aroma

    Vetiver: green, dried and rather nutty surprisingly (peanuts?)

    Vetiverol-- Nice. Reminds me very much of the vetiver used in Guerlain's Vetiver Frozen. Almost has a bit of a boiled rice toothiness to it.

    Vetiver (natural?) – An earthy, dirtlike variety, deep, slightly smoky. I enjoy this aroma. It is dry, grassy, and calming. Nice sample

    Vetiver (natural) – Neal’s Yard. A greener, harsker variety with a more sour, bitter edge. Not as mellow or nice.

    Vetiver - I like your sample better than mine. It is woody, grassy, earthy, dry and clean. There is no harshness, no sourness. Lovely.

    Vetiver - I love vetiver, and I like this one.

    Vetiver (EO, origin unknown)--3 drops on cotton, wafted
    Salty, earthy, mildly grassy, a bit like fermented fruits mixed with hay and corn. It is a bit like a combination of fruity whisky (such as burbon) and buttered kettle corn. Not very grassy, at this point, but I love it! (Can you tell I like the ones that smell like food, lol). After a few hours, the popcorn scent turns a bit more to a salted nut, and it becomes more dry overall. It seems a bit more green and grassy now that the sweetness is not so prominent. Still, it smells very earthy, and is similar in many ways to the earthyness of patchouli.

    Vétiver, origin unknown, 2% dilution in carrier oil: this note was THE SURPRISE! As I wrote also on a recent thread, vètiver was one of my most dreaded notes. I *thought* so! Apparently, what I dislike is the way vétiver is treated or the notes it is paired with in most fragrances having it as the main theme. Alone, it is rooty, sweet, a dark green luminous velvet of a smell, with a hint of smoky chocolate and of burnt cables. To my nose, it is delightful

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    Default Re: Vetiver / Ruh Khus / Khus Khus

    Earthy, rooty, smoky, hazelnutty, green grass-like and sharp. (EO in dilution)

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    Default Re: Vetiver / Ruh Khus / Khus Khus

    An old thread about Vetiver that was resurrected recently...What Does Vetiver Smell Like

    And a newer thread from the Do-It-Yourself forum...Vetiver Varieties
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    Cross-posting an interesting article quoted by pluran: Vetiver - The Power of Mother Earth
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    Vetiver – Mine is 7-8 years old. Either it's grown on me, or it's aged nicely and now I find it really interesting. It's a damp, very warm, earthy smell. It conjures up images of putting my hands in warm soil. I used to think this was more of a masculine scent, but now I'm seeing it as a note for a self-assured, confident mature woman.

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    Further impressions can be found here.
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    Default Re: Vetiver / Ruh Khus / Khus Khus

    Quote Originally Posted by DocmanCC View Post
    Cross-posting an interesting article quoted by pluran: Vetiver - The Power of Mother Earth
    Had missed this. Interesting.

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    Default Re: Vetiver / Ruh Khus / Khus Khus

    i love vetiver scents, and was almost sure when i try vetiver as single note i will like it but my sample smells
    earthy, rooty, and reminds me of a basement with potatoes in it....humid , cold, never seeing the sun.....

    i dont smell anything smokey......

    my favourite vetiver perfumes Timbuktu, and Onda...and more modernized versions Sycomore, Habanita....

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