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    Compiled from the Note Identification Project Thread:

    Ginger - Delicious, sweet like candy, but hot like jalapeno, and not woody at all like black pepper.

    Ginger CO2-- Now this is ginger! Having used only the cheapo health food store ginger before, this is a real step up. Fresh and spicy. Doesn't smell like old pet vitamins. I'm really sold on CO2 extracts.

    Ginger 10%: dry powder spicy warm harsh

    Ginger - A lively note, and likeable. Both peppery and sweet-spicy at the same time, with green and rooty characteristics. This note, added to a floral, would make the flower seem to be attached to the entire plant. In fact, I think it has been used in this way before. It reminds me of a small part of Penhaligon's Lily and Spice.

    Ginger, obtained by distillation, 10% dilution in ethanol - origin: Sri Lanka: judging by the aroma and taste of pickled ginger (I never tried fresh roots) I imagined it to be more piquant and less lemony. Maybe I should increase the concentration a little bit. In its current dilution, it smells like verbena leaves/green lemon peel with a slightly floral background. Pleasant, but not what I imagined. Longevity was also low.

    Ginger: compared with what acctually ginger smells like for me i would say this one has more invigorating freshness and i also smelled a citruslike topnote

    Ginger (powdered) - another hard to describe smell, but more because the first word that pops into my head is nausea rather than yummy. Sniffing from a very far distance as I rather dislike ginger. I used to take ginger capsules for travel sickness when younger and so eventually they were associated with nausea.

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    I like the idea of ginger and a floral, the only floral i have married it with is ylang ylang and that worked, but not tried any other florals.
    i have a small amount of eden bot fresh ginger and its livley and clean , and regular ginger i love with vanilla.

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    Ginger for me can be overly peppery and overpowering especially the Indonesian variety.

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