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Thread: Musk

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    Default Re: Identifying Musk?

    As noted by Kagey above, Victoria's highly informative article, Musk in Fragrance : Salt and Butter of Perfumery, can be found here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonkeyBars View Post
    Actually I was under the impression a miniscule amount of real musk enters the market legally from musk pods sourced from naturally deceased deer.
    Industrially, I meant. That does not rule out that you might get natural musk if deers are legally haunted. The point being, you cannot go around killing deers for their their musk in order to sell them to the big corporations in order to produce liters and liters of EdT, mainly because that would mean the extinction of the musk deer.

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    I agree with Jack's and Brian's descriptions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yteek View Post
    Anal glands and feces yum, I just got hungry
    I received an infraction for this, a little silly joke to lighten up the odd nature of what musk really is. Is it really that offensive, in real life I couldn't see anybody getting so overly offended...I guess some enjoy a good power trip.

    Its not even disrespectful, its a little crude humor...does it really upset people?

    I know for a fact if I said so in real life, you'd probably laugh and not even think twice of it instead of shunning me...if anything that's more disrespectful.

    I really can't grasp the reality of this being so out of line....
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    Everyone's touchy about poop since the MKK thread. Don't worry about it.

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    I think musk deer is also farmed on a small scale in China.

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    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Respected Scent worshipers,
    I have been for many years collecting deer musk from various sellers from around the world, but as of yet iam not fully satisfied with the quality and the genuinality of the product, as there is alot on the market named "Deer Musk" but its just a scent, NOT the real thing.
    So could you tell me if you have any or contacts who seel the real PURE DEER MUSK?
    Please reply to

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    Quote Originally Posted by abubakr_al-misky View Post
    Hmm I dont see anything close in discription to Ajmal's new AA Indian Musk Ghazelle. It is the most animalic scent there is and I would bet on it. Asha have you tried it?
    NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!!! Absolutely the most animalic hands down.

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    i learnt from perfumers that in 1 perfume there can be several types of musks....becasue most people are anosmic to some, so there is something for everyone so to say , but those who can smell all of them are in trouble

    muscs are huge heavy molecules and they can be harsh to your nose if sensitive, i have noticed i am no fan of modern musks because with almost no exception, what smells like cream, body product, or detergent i associate with musks in it. Also before i used to think musk is some white cloud, and almost neutral note-so a bit boring! (ref.Juliette has a gun Romantina),
    but now i have a feeling perfumes are stuffed with it to achieve some opulence and density, so to say to fill the void,and are extremely longlasting

    Belovedw Amoage- is heavy on musk, it smells clean, modern, in combination with other synthetic animalics very sharp
    Memoire w Amouage - this is nice white musk, very feminine and sensual, warm,slightly fruity, but again smells modern, similar is in Jubilation 25
    Musk intense- Parfums de Nicolai- this one is very interesting one, of course it smells synthetic as the most beautiful detrgent one has tried, or some mix of detergent and cream, its sooo amazingly longlasting! , after 2 days one gets that animalic warm skin note! i suppose thats close to what real musk smelled once
    Rubj - Veroprofumo-musky base gives itself off as soemthing familiar(a bit boring), clean and neutral, cloudy
    Dia Amouage- white musk, clean,detergentlike, very longlasting

    vintage Shalimar, has beautiful musky some complex, dirty cloudy warmth, undefined powdery
    other vintages :My sin, Tabu, Bal a Versailles, they all have complex bases, with musk that adds warmth to it, and complexity, and never smells clean, powdery
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    Which one of these would be in Bal á Versailles edt? The drydown of the vintage edp smells nothing like the current reformulation drydowm. the edt starts off sharp and then drys down to what I consider a very powdery musk. The vintage edp, on the other hand, is raunchy, sexy and exotic. So rich and lovely. ive never smelled anything like it before. Seems like they replaced the musk/civet that was so prevalent in the original with one that was more powdery.
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    Real musk is an extraordinary thing. In concentrated form it is almost quite unpleasantly, nose curlingly, fecal/musty but extremely diluted it is across between the addictive part of chocolate with the smell of a mucky kittens warm underbelly and a dirty warm musty skin sort of compelling attraction. It is completely impossible not to want to nuzzle, as if you don't want to let it go away. It is certainly a very sexy smell but not a clean smell.

    Misk though in my experience was quite a clean thing. More floral with the musty. Mine was from a dubious source though.

    There seem to be two main pathways for a musk note. The real animalid zone of mucky musty and the white musk which veers towards the clean musty.

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    Real Tonquin deer musk, the fine perfume quality version, is a heavenly smell. I could wear it neat at 10%. It is the best smell ever. It's not horrible or unpleasant. It's extremely sexy, and while it is dirty and fecal, it's not really all that nasty or unclean. I would compare it to good ambergris. The best ambergris (which I'm also lucky to have experienced) can be worn neat as well.

    Lower quality deer musk is increasingly unpleasant, and increasingly less useful.

    The best deer musk absolutely can be used to get a clean note. Easy.

    The whole thing is sad for everyone, including the deer, of course.

    I don't know how possible it even is any more to get the elite stuff. I got very, very lucky just to have the experience I do have with it, which is a lot. I currently have none of the good stuff, and don't know where best to get it. I have an empty bottle, and that will have to do.

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    Default Re: Musk

    Great thread. I'm a musk lover and am composing a fragrance which I think would benefit from a musk. The problem is the sheer amount of them and the descriptions which leave much to be desired. I'm going to buy a few including galaxolide and habanolide and experiment. This thread was very helpful. I'm off to read that article which was posted "Musk in Fragrance: The Salt and Butter of Perfumery" Thanks!

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    Default Re: Musk

    i need some help if anyone know what ratio is good to soak musk grains in sandalwood oil?
    i have a half gram total of very good wild Tibetan musk grains filtered from any dust leftovers from the musk pod.
    and also have around 20 ml. of the Organic Hawaiian Sandalwood from Eden Botanicals (i have try many of the younger sandalwood oils available on the market now and this is one of the best) so i am not sure how many ml. of the sandalwood to use for mixing with the half gram of musk grains for a good musk oil.
    any help will be appreciated,
    thank you.
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    Default Re: Musk

    Just wondering if anyone here has tried Siberian Musk by Areej le Dore, and if so, how it compares to the Tonquin deer musk they had smelled in the past.

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