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    Default Intro, context and recommendations

    I am 27 and up until a few weeks ago I wasn't really interested in fragances, but I am coming around and wanting to learn more about them and whatnot. I seek some recommendations as to what would suit my needs and also a couple of questions in general.

    Before two weeks ago I pretty much went with what I was given as Christmas every year, which meant that while growing up all I used was this one thing called Junior by Lacoste and then Hugo by Hugo Boss from my late teens to a couple of years after college. Recently I was given a bottle of Boss Selections by Hugo Boss which I like more than Hugo. I am looking for fragances to use in an office environment (I currently use the Boss Selections for that) and casual outtings (I recently bought DKNY Be Delicious and I am using it for that). I live in Toronto, so I guess I need to look up fragances for all the seasons, since I want to built a proper wardrobe, but I want to start with things I could use for this summer and built up from there, so I was hoping for some recommendations.

    I was currently looking into buying several decants to test out, and what I had in mind was this:

    Terre d'Hermes - think I would use this one going out during th day and whatnot
    Aqua by Bulgari - same as above
    Caron Le 3me Homme - offce, maybe?
    Vetiver by Guerlain - more casualness
    Creed Himalaya - winter/formals
    Rochas Man - going out at night

    Do these sound like solid choices to try on?

    Sorry if the post is all over the place by the way. I hope I am posting it in the right place... any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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    Default Re: Intro, context and recommendations

    So, I think the images I had originally posted stopped working, so I edited them out and now putting them back in:

    Tried this and really liked it

    I saw it yesterday at a Marshall's-like store in Canada and bought it:

    These two smell quite different. I was wondering if they are supposed to be the same, since they share name. Or can perfume "go bad" or something along those lines? Or are these two supposed to be different fragrances?

    And about the first post, any help that anyone could provide to this newbie as to where to start would be appreciated.
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    Default Re: Intro, context and recommendations

    Hmmm I've never seen BL in the second bottle before. Was going to suggest it was an after shave but it says eau de toilette on the box. Possibly fake?

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    Default Re: Intro, context and recommendations

    Welcome to Basenotes North93 - I hope you find the fragrances to suit you. I love Vetiver by Guerlain and I think you found some good starting points.
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    Default Re: Intro, context and recommendations

    Welcome! I only know TdH, Guerlain Vetiver & Himalaya - all excellent starting points. If you are considering buying Himalaya you might also consider Green Irish Tweed from Creed - at least try it and compare.

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    Default Re: Intro, context and recommendations

    Maybe you might also like L' Instant and Heritage by Guerlain, Burberry's Weekend, Caron's Pour un Homme and quite a few Creeds, including the (also) quite formal Bois du Portugal.
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    Default Re: Intro, context and recommendations

    The second picture of Burberry London is the old version - they've had I believe 3 different frags under the same name and it's really confusing! The one with the red box smells peachy, minty, and to me.. a bit strange. It is completely different than the newer version in the brown tartan wrap.

    Sorry you had to go through that. That almost happened to me awhile back, too - I found the red box version for a steal of a price and was going to pick it up because I like the new London.. I decided to wait and check BN first and found out about the differences. Hopefully you can return it.
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    Default Re: Intro, context and recommendations

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I will look into them.

    Also, I learned that the version of BL I bought is now being sold as just Burberry for men. This happened in 2006 when the current BL was launched or something along those lines. There was nothing wrong with this fragrance but I found myself not liking it as much as the BL so I ended up returning it with no issues.
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    Default Re: Intro, context and recommendations

    The Bvlgari Aqva, Terre D'Hermes, and Vetiver are all great choices. Some other choices for "casual" wear are Live Jazz by YSL (great for warm weather) and Azarro Chrome.

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