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    Hello ppl..ive been into the cologne world only since 2-3months ...and ive made some purchases ..thanks to basenotes and help from basenotes members especially Amit and jenson who are from my country . I plan to make a few purchases by next week or so...i need some opinion/ suggestions of you people...Since im buying it through online sources, and cant sample it and buy ( this is because the local store prices are very high ) ...

    My Current Favourites : Versace Man Eau Fraîche(favourite at the moment) , Kenzo Air(love this too), Lacoste Red Style n Play ( 3rd favourite maybe) , A*men , Davidoff Coolwater ( i like this scent very much, but when i use it frequently i get a feeling its too synthetic and gets bored of the smell ) , Azzaro Pour Homme , B*Men , Hugo Boss Pure

    Some Purchases which dint work for me : Burberry London and John Varvatos ( both r classy stuffs , i loved its smell from the bottle, but not on my skin ) , ( dint like it due to some reason) , Rochas Lui ( this was a disappointment at first, the scent is amazing, but i preffered more casual scents , Hugo Baldessarini ( another amazing scent, which i cant wear everytime since i find it a bit elegant type scent/ formal )

    Im 22 and im more into jeans / t shirts im giving casual scents preference right now sure ill change to mature scents when i get fed up of the casuals

    My next purchases list as of now are....
    Finalized list

    1. Dior Homme
    2. Richard James
    3.Azzaro Chrome
    4. Hugo XY
    5. perry ellis 360 red

    Confused/ doubty list

    1.D& G light Blue for women --- I read that many ppl consider the Versace Man Eau Fraîche very similar to D&G light blue... i have around 80 % of versace man eau fraiche still shud i stick with it for now..the doubt if they are similar ...there is no point having both of them at same time, i can rather use that $$ for another scent

    2. Kenzo Air or Kenzo Air Intense -- I really love the kenzo air scent ...the bottle is almost empty and i plan to buy a new bottle soon..shud i opt for the normal kenzo air..or the kenzo air intense ( does it have better projection and longevity compared the the normal version?)

    3. Bvlgari Extreme or Bvlgari Aqua--- Ive read great reviews about both the scents .....which one would be a better choice for casual wear....

    Thanks a lot in advance guys.....
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    Default Re: Next Purchase Help

    Dior homme is more of a formal scent to me... don't get me wrong it smells great though. I'd skip the PE red 360. Smells like frosty cucumber BO to me, not sure why it's advocated so much on this site. Try Rochas Man and the A*Men flankers... dang you have like the same taste as me.

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    Default Re: Next Purchase Help

    Quote Originally Posted by xtr.pwnzor View Post
    3. Bvlgari Extreme or Bvlgari Aqua--- Ive read great reviews about both the scents .....which one would be a better choice for casual wear....
    Both are great for casual wear. If you prefer citrus and tea, go for extreme, if you want a very pure and good aquatic then Aqua. Aqua does last much longer and has better sillage. Personally i wear aqua more during the outdoors when sweat sets in. Extreme can turn a little with sweat....

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