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    Default Searching for Mystery Fragrance

    Hello all, First time posting here, but I've been lurking for quite some time (and learning so much!!) I'm looking for a little assistance in identifying a certain men's fragrance I've smelled over the years on several people, and I hope that maybe some (with considerably more knowledge than myself) may be able to provide me with a few helpful suggestions to narrow my list down.

    A few things I do know:

    -I've smelled this cologne mainly on middle-aged or older men (including a real estate broker, a local sheriff, an attorney/banker type). I've unfortunately never been in a situation to ask the name of the cologne, but it's been driving me crazy to find out.

    -It is likely not a boutique fragrance (given the part of the US in which I live [the South], I'm almost certain it's fairly common, yet I've never identified it in all of my journeys to various department store fragrance counters).

    -It is STRONG. Has pretty good sillage, too, since I've experienced the "walking into a cloud of it" feeling.

    As far as describing the actual scent, that's where my lack of knowledge really shines. It seems to be clean, fairly powdery-smelling (almost like scented toilet paper, but in a good way ), yet it seems a bit woody and very masculine. Sort of bellows up through a dress shirt and tie. Though I don't really care for Eternity for Men, it has a certain note that almost reminds me of it. But the powder seems to override this note. Something also reminds me a bit of Safari for Men, though those fragrances don't really strike me as too similar.

    I don't know exactly how else to describe it. Basically, strong sillage-monster with masculine powder/clean notes. Not boutique, yet not easily identified mass-market. I don't know if I need to look in the drugstore direction (e.g. Tabac), or maybe into the 80s powerhouse types...or even further back. I've ruled out Lagerfeld Classic, Grey Flannel, Canoe, Brut, Bijan for Men and the like. Also definitely not Polo for Men or any of the more "common" fragrances at the department store counters. Could it be something like Habit Rouge, maybe? Or even Giorgio for Men? Haven't sampled these yet. Does anyone have any thoughts?


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    Default Re: Searching for Mystery Fragrance

    Drakkar Noir maybe?

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    Default Re: Searching for Mystery Fragrance

    Well, my first thought was Old Spice. Have you smelled that recently?

    It's likely something quite common if you've encountered it often.

    Another thought.. Armani Code. Yeah, I've smelled this on older men. It's sillage is quite strong for the first couple hours at least.
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    Default Re: Searching for Mystery Fragrance

    Gucci Envy?

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    Default Re: Searching for Mystery Fragrance

    Hi, and thanks for the suggestions. I'll have to check into Gucci Envy and Armani Code. I know for certain it's not Old Spice, and I've owned Drakkar Noir before, so it's not that one, either...I have only smelled it on a few occasions (maybe four or five) in the last several years...

    The search continues

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    Default Re: Searching for Mystery Fragrance

    It's not powdery, but Polo comes to my mind.

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    Default Re: Searching for Mystery Fragrance

    Guerlain Habit Rouge is very powdery. Another one is Boucheron Jaipur Homme. Of the two, Jaipur Homme has a lot more projection, especially if it is the EDP.
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    Burberry Brit?

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