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    Default Grapefruit / Methyl Pamplemousse

    Compiled from the Note Identification Project thread:

    Methyl Pamplemousse
    almost grapefruit rind

    Methyl Pampelmousse – Here is the problem-free version of grapefruit essential oil, which reportedly carries a misbehaving off-note. The synthetic fails to smell totally realistic—it’s weaker than the real stuff, has a pronounced midrange, and lacks the bright top notes. Still it is pretty. And some mandarine aldehyde helps brighten it.

    Methyl Pamplemousse
    - 2% aromachemical in carrier oil … a white grapefruit aroma. Very pleasant! At the start it is quite sweet and lacks the slightly bitter, tart nuance of natural graprefruit peel, but afterwards, it veers toward a more citrusy-bitter smell and becomes more “real”. Linda (Perfumer’s Apprentice) says this is used in a remarkable concentration in AA Pamplelune, but I detect neither cat pee nor body odour, which are often mentioned when discussing Pamplelune. It must be said that I didn’t smell them in the actual fragrance either.

    Methyl Pamplemousse: musk sticks + citrus toilet cleaner. Less like grapefruit and more of a blend of different citruses.

    Methyl Pamplemousse-- Everything I hoped it would be. There were things I was trying to accomplish before that I couldn't without this aromachemical.
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