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    Default Peach / Aldehyde C-14

    Compiled from the Note Identification Project Thread:

    Aldehyde C-14 Peach Aldehyde aka Gamma-Undecalactone
    : 2% in carrier oil. I was pretty excited to smell this historic aldehyde, and my expectations were more than fulfilled. Imagine shiny, golden, juice-dripping slices of a peach which is so ripe it almost borders on overripe. That's what C-14 smells like. It is wonderfully fruity-sweet, milky, creamy, and oh so smooth I just love it. Does it smell natural? I don't think so. It's as natural as a perfect picture of a perfect peach. Time passes but this velvety peach just keeps going. More to C-14. In his book "The Secret of Smell", Luca Turin says that the one used in Mitsouko is delta-undecalactone, also called Persicol, which he places in the lactones chapter. Also, when talking about aldehydes, he doesn't consider those with a number above C-12. No mention of C-14, C-16 (strawberry aldehyde) and C-18 (coconut aldehyde). SO, are the true aldehydes only those from 1 to 12 and the others lactones? It puzzles me - I'm no chemist and no expert either, so I'd love those in the know to chime in. Please? C-14 is one of the molecules I really loved in my palette. It is a creamy note more than a milky one. Not that I dislike milky notes. For instance, I love milky jasmine. The C-14 molecule has definitely an edible smell and of course, a scent based only on C-14 would tire the nose in no time.
    Speaking of Mitsouko, this afternoon I smelled Mitsouko in EdP and parfum, seeking the peach note. was a little more evident in the parfum but all in all, it was only another confirmation that I'm not a Mitsouko girl. I find the other notes extremely disturbing If I should mention off the top of my head which scent features a peach note similar to C-14 I'd say Clive Christian X for women (peaches and cream).

    Aldehyde C14: I was a little apprehensive about this aldehyde after C12, however this one is rather nice. Smells like a soft peach with background notes of something vaguely floral and something exotic like coconut (not overly sweet cloying coconut but fresh, creamy fresh coconut flesh).

    Aldehyde C-14 Ė I love this stuff. Here is the peach of Diorella, clear as a bell, sweet, full, yet dainty. This is more transparent than Nectaryl, which is creamy. I like C-14 better, but Nectaryl outlasts it, hands down.

    Aldehyde C-14
    - I am not quite getting the dreamy peach that others have. I am not smelling much of anything. I'll have to get someone else to smell this and see if it is me or it.
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    Default Re: Peach / Aldehyde C-14

    the so-called aldehyde c-14 is not really an aldehyde, and wrongly called so. it's a lactone. same goes for c-16 and c-18 (also called strawberry- and coconut aldehyde).

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    Default Re: Peach / Aldehyde C-14

    Actually, I think C16 is an ester. I still don't know why those three are called Aldehydes.

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    Default Re: Peach / Aldehyde C-14

    There is an excellent article on Perfume Shrine explaining what aldehydes are, where they occur in nature and what they’ve been used for in perfumery.

    It covers, among other things, the so-called Aldehyde C14, which is really a lactone.
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    Default Re: Peach / Aldehyde C-14

    I had read this once before. It certainly deserves a re-reading. Very informative. Thank you.
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