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Thread: Broom / Genet

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    Default Broom / Genet

    Compiled from the Note Identification Project Thread:

    , absolute, Italy, Eden Botanicals - Muddy greyish-brown, opaque, very thick, cannot pour it without adding alcohol to dissolve it. Another weird aroma, like tuberose, smells nothing like one would expect a flower to smell. First a limelike topnote, then a haylike smell, slightly sour tobacco, followed a strong aroma of dried leaves. Very dense, heady, but not floral in any traditional sense. Strange, strange, strange.

    : woody, nutty, aromatic, dry, fermented fruit

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    Default Re: Broom / Genet

    Does anyone know what note this oil is (top, heart/mid. or base)? It clearly doesn't seem to be a top note, but the lines of middle and base are often rather blurred... I would guess that it's a middle note based on that most of its notes are so quickly perceptible, unlike a base note which takes longer for many of its attributes to be noted.
    Is this the right place to be posting this question, I hope?

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    Default Re: Broom / Genet

    I would rate the Genet Abs as a heart note.
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    Default Re: Broom / Genet

    Yes. It's usually listed as a heart note.

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