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    Default Lily / Lyral

    Compiled from the Note Identification Project thread:

    Lyral: slightly less LotV and more spicy/green lily than the other two, as if the floral note were dusted with white pepper.

    Lyral: sweet, clean, watery floral. Perhaps some vanilla in there too.

    Lyral a different take on lily, more green, earthy, and peppery. Reminds me of the kind of in Michael Storer Stephanie, even though that one was gardenia, instead. I tried to put all three of the lily chemicals together to see if their strengths would be additive, but they are not. It remains a faint note in need of a well-crafted perfume formula.

    Lyral - this seems closer to hytroxycitronella than lilial. more like muguet just not the classic one I somehow had in my head. this also seemed stronger after a bit of time.
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