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    Default Violet / Ionone (not Violet Leaf)

    Compiled from the Note Identification Project thread:

    Ionone alpha
    , 2% dilution in carrier oil: a powdery, dark, sweet, earthy blossom which smells like violets without those candied notes that I loathe. I believe I can smell also a myrrh-like note in there. Hands down, one of my favourite synthetic molecules.

    Ionone beta: a mix of everything except citrus and spicy. it is sweet ,woody, floral, berry, fruity and whatnot. and yet one would never wear that as perfume.

    Beta-ionone - Why, this one smells... a bit like a cedar coffin. Yes, I believe that it's almost woody! Why - if I used a bit too much of this, I could even create a woodchuck hybrid!

    Dihydro ionone beta
    : quite similar to the above. but the woody note there is more distinctive.

    Violet Fragrance Oil: this must be a fragrance of the flower or plant rather than the leaves. Lemon, lime, strawberry, sugar syrup, vanilla

    Violet – I am not sure what the flowers smell like but this makes me think of those violet candies

    Violet - Another nice synthetic. Smells like very fruity violet flowers, a nice, full aroma with a little green--just enough to give it character and life. Convincing, if I didn't know better.

    Violet Fragrant Oil - excellent violet. My wife is the official violet critic in this house, and the first word out of her mouth was "good". Just a bit dark and restrained - almost a unisex violet to me.

    Violet (FO)- Not sure how to describe - smells floral and sweet but not like roses or jasmine or what I think of as white flowers (tuberose/gardenia I think) and somewhat synthetic (FO). Do violets even produce essential oil? And would it be from the flower? Smelling dried violet petals and they seem much less sweet and slightly smoky (odd - smoke free house).

    Alpha Ionone
    – I love this note. Deep, dark, boozy, velvety violet without any annoying candy notes. Strong woody note g rows and persists. Lovely stuff. This would probably go well with fruity damascones and patchouli in a sweet amber or vanilla base. Bring it on. Gorgeous.

    Alpha Ionone
    : strongest of the ones I smelled so far (apart from C12). I didn't get violets much at all - it reminded me of plaster molds with a small amount of fruit/flowers.

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    Default Re: Violet / Ionone (not Violet Leaf)

    I have a small vial of what was sold to me as Violet essential oil from a stall in a London outdoor market.
    It smells very strongly of Violets, but I read somewhere that the only natural source of Violet scent comes from an extract of Orris root, which apparently is very poisonous as well as extremely expensive, and hard to obtain.

    I also obtained a vial of 'Wallflower oil', which, from my research, is impossible.
    It does smell really nice and Wallflowery, and is very concentrated, but it MUST be a synthetic, as I don't think it actually exists.
    The guy selling these 'oils', wasn't too concerned about purity either, as he used the same funnel for different oils.

    The vial of Frankincense I also obtained, smells absolutely NOTHING like Frankincense, so these must definitely be synthetic.
    I suspected as much when I bought them in the late 80s when I had no internet to consult, but they were pretty cheap so........

    However, the flower oils do smell really nice, so I may be able to use them at some point.

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    Default Re: Violet / Ionone (not Violet Leaf)

    Hey guys,

    I was just checking out Hermitage oils and they list a violet enfleurage extract for sale.
    Maybe we should check it out!

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