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    Default Birch / Sweet Birch / Betula

    Compiled from the Note Identification Project thread:

    Birch, Sweet - MIld, sweet, minty, terriffic. Is this what used to be in the old Emeraude? Or was it wintergreen? (They are close in aroma.) If so, I can see why it was once a great fragrance. Mesmerising.

    Birch Leaf - Very different from Asha's sample, which had a pronounced wintergreen aroma. This one is much leafier, with green topnotes and not a smuch sweetness. I smell a bit of Eau de Camille in here. Very attractive.

    Sweet Birch (EO, Simplers Botanicals, Betula lenta origin unknown)--3 drops on cotton, wafted
    Although not a mint, sweet birch seems to be a sort of icy-hot and sweet minty scent, very much like wintergreen (a dangerous EO--I have not seen it around for years). If you can imagine wintergreen lifesavers and how incredibly bracing they are, then you will get the idea. The scent of sweet birch is penetrating--a real sinus-opener. I can see this being used as a muscle rub-down as a replacement for the dreaded wintergreen. After a couple hours, it is still very similar to the beginning scent, only less intense. It smells much more like lifesavers now.

    Birch leaf 1% woody smoky tobacco

    Birch leaf, synthetic, 1% dilution in carrier oil: initially sweet green, almost fruity like very green banana or melon rind; later it becomes fresh woody and takes up a not so pleasant almost leathery smell.
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    Default Re: Birch / Sweet Birch / Betula

    Birch tar - so incredibly pungent. A burnt forest, singed, black and smoky.

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    Default Re: Birch / Sweet Birch / Betula

    Actually, rectified birch tar is quite different than sweet birch, which has more of a wintergreen smell. I don't think we had any samples of birch tar going around in the original project, but I do love it in leather-centric fragrances such as Chanel Cuir de Russie!

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    Default Re: Birch / Sweet Birch / Betula

    Birch Tar is so warm and campfire-like. It's also useful for leather accords. Mix with some labdanum or just about any other resin like Peru Balsam or Benzoin or Amber of one sort another. Then modify that with something like vetiver or patchouli.

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    Default Re: Birch / Sweet Birch / Betula

    Birch Tar reminds me of the creosote I used to use to treat fence posts prior to installation during my teenage years.

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