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Thread: Bay / Laurel

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    Default Bay / Laurel

    Compiled from the Note Identification Project thread:

    Bay (EO, origin unknown)--3 drops on cotton, wafted
    Sweet, spicy, woody and nutty. My sample is old, but a recognizable sweet bay scent still comes through. After a while, the spicy wood increases, and the sweetness decreases.

    Bay - slightly minty, very earthy. Smelled great in combination with rose.

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    Default Re: Bay / Laurel

    My bay leaf essential oil smells so delicious. It reminds me completely of Thanksgiving and my aunt's stuffing which was always heavy on the bay leaf. Just really cleansing, herbaceous, dry and round.

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    Default Re: Bay / Laurel

    peppery(like arugula) gray vegetable....cdg laurel
    14 sprays of DRAKKAR NOIR should do it

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    Default Re: Bay / Laurel

    I get the minty smell also from Bay leaf. Interesting.

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    smells fresh, revitalising and a touch of cineole

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