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    Default Re: Time Machine: if you could send back Acqua di Gio to Jacques Guerlain...

    Can we make it clear that us BNers who hate Calone-based frags hate it for other reasons, it is not for the fact it's a synth. Otherwise, we would not be BNers in the first place, would we?

    My fave quoted above (Dior Homme) I know for a fact uses a synthetic as part of its prominent iris accord.

    If someone invented a natural smelling extract that smells like Calone, and put it in the AdG, do you think I will like it any better? No, I will still dislike it with the same question as before, "If you want to smell like nothing, then pourquoi pas rien?"
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    A: Add 'Pour Homme' to the bottle
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    Default Re: Time Machine: if you could send back Acqua di Gio to Jacques Guerlain...

    Quote Originally Posted by G.303 View Post
    I feel that Acqua di Gio is a wonderful scent that I Love to wear and my Wife Loves when this is my choice.....I do not understand all of the hate for this scent.....I do understand the hatred for all of the clones who want to be like Acqua.....What's sad about this is the bottum line....... money.....Acqua has done so well that so many have tried to capture some of that Gio money.....which has not really happened.....What has happened is we've been flooded with clone after clone now for many years.....One of the greatest compliments is when someone tries to be like You.....this Gio cloning has been a compliment to one of the best selling fragrances of all time......No......I will never understand the dislike for this fragrance here at basenotes......With thread after thread of what scents get You the most female compliments? And other threads like this.....Let me give You a bit of info.....Women Love this scent.....and as long as the girls Love this scent.....guys will make the purchase and spray spray spray.....And You want to know what else? This fragrance flat smells good!!!!! And before I forget....Gio is my 4th of July Sotd.....and I recieved a compliment from my Wife!!!!!
    I think the reason that AdG takes heat here is not simply that it spawned a generation of imitators, but that it spawned a generation of imitators of a very apologetic fragrance. People here love diversity and unapologetic fragrances. Acqua di Gio has sinned against both of those. The number of imitators has scaled quadratically in both sameness and subtlety, and Acqua di Gio bears the burden of criticism for them all. Perhaps unfairly. Yes, I'll admit that.

    You're right - women love it. My wife loves it. Her friends love it. And yes, when I'm looking for a cool, quenching, and subtle fragrance on a hot day, even I love it. But it also appeals to people who don't really care for fragrance, and I think that just bothers people who do care for fragrance.

    You've given me something to think about. - raging for the machines

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    Default Re: Time Machine: if you could send back Acqua di Gio to Jacques Guerlain...

    Perry ellis red 360 is very similar to Adg without the sour on red 360 which make the smell longevity pretty good than Adg. For those who love Adg, try Perry Ellis red 360 and give it a time to see yourself how bad you will love this scents.

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    Default Re: Time Machine: if you could send back Acqua di Gio to Jacques Guerlain...

    Quote Originally Posted by Sokkou View Post
    Feces has a very distinct natural smell to it. Just because an ingredient is natural, does not imply olfactory superiority, it merely helps to facilitate snobbery. I enjoy synthetic notes just as I enjoy synthetic things like televisions.
    Thankfully the love of synthetics does not facilitate snobbery. Just materialism!
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