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    Compiled from the Note Identification Project thread:

    Chamomile - bitter and unpleasant, compared to the Wild Chamomile, which was very nice, a bit minty and haylike.

    Blue Chamomile
    – this is strange stuff dark green and its dyed the top blue. spicy green – it might work well with other things but perhaps not

    Wild Chamomile – I like this alot – more green than floral I may need a bottle of this so attempt to build a fragrance around it.

    Chamomile (EO)- Smells rather like lavender to me except slightly herby/medicinal. I'm a little doubtful whether this "essential oil" is really EO. It doesn't seem to be the consistency of an EO

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    Chamomile, wild (Ormenis multicaulis) from Aura Cacia

    Minty and oily with a quality that is a bit like the aromatic grasses citronella or lemongrass. There is also an "herbal" edge which makes it seem medicinal, but it is not very strong. The overall effect is very grassy or hay-like. The mintyness is sweet and mild, very much like spearmint, and is reminiscent of chewing gum. I can understand why this herb would be blended with mint to make tea.

    Chamomile, Moroccan blue, aka Blue Tansy (Tanacetum annuum) from Simplers

    Minty, aromatic, medicinal, it has some similarities to sage and rosemary. There is an interesting sweet aspect to this sample that is difficult to pin down. The mint aspect is mellow and rounded, like peppermint. The overall effect is woody, aromatic, and slightly resinous, perhaps like tree gums.

    Edit to add:

    After sitting here on the cotton pad for more than 12 hours, the Wild Chamomile has really changed significantly, broken down to mostly a sweet and slightly minty dried hay smell. The Moroccan Blue Chamomile has retained its composure quite well. The medicinal edge has softened significantly, and it is sweet and minty. I still do not have a handle yet on what this sweetness could be. However, when I first smelled the two, the Wild Chamomile smelled more edible. Now after complete drydown, the Moroccan Blue Chamomile seems more edible. It is a savory sweet, a bit nutty or meaty perhaps.
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    I really dislike the smell of blue chammomile: and haven't used it in a blend) but in a low dose i like chamomile, it is hay like and apply for me

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    i have never smell this one its always alot of money is there a reason why it so expensive?

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    I have an amazing Roman chamomile EO. It's like a gentle, much less bracing lavender, but with a great apple juice note. Just really nourishing and crisp, herbaceous without much green. A bit sweet but mostly clean and very fresh.

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    Wild Chamomile is my favorite variety - heady and rich.

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