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    Compiled from the Note Identification Project thread:

    Cyprus (natural) – Neal’s Yard. Evergreeny, similar to pine and juniper. I prefer spruce essential oil.

    Cypress EO - very similar to the Ravensara to my nose, but less menthol, less potent and slightly more sweet.

    Cyprus - not a bad aroma, but I expected something more woody, like cedar, and got something that smelled like mild eucalyptus.

    Cypress – woody a bit like those above but probably more wearable

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    Here's my first foray into this area. I prepared a tincture of 50 ml water and 5 drops of Cypress, Cupressus sempervirens EO. The brand is Aromaforce. I have this in a ceramic simmering potpourri with a tea light.

    This is a green, slightly resinous, foresty and also highly medicinal sort of scent. Like a pleasant sort of lineament. Not woody at all.
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    Different EO, same method: 50 ml water and 5 drops EO. Brand is Himalyan Wisdom, Cypress Cupressus sempervirens .

    This is a higher-quality oil than the one above, and thus has a more complex scent. Medicinal, green-herbal, and resinous, as above. This has more depth, is greener and has a rounder quality than the previous. At times there are distinctive rubbery or green-olive notes. As the scent simmers, it develops coniferous and fir-like notes.

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    Wild cypress EO distilled from Corsica. Very dry and peppery with that pencil shaving smell of cedar. I also have a sea pine from Nature's Gift, and there is a brine to both of them, but pine also smells like carrot to me. This is much woodier. A bit smoky, almost phenolic, not too medicinal.

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    This is very similar IMO to a weak cedar and often confuse the two.

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