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    Default Pepper / Pepper Corn / Black Pepper

    Compiled from the Note Identification Project thread:

    Black pepper (natural?) Woody, dry. Im getting tired of the overuse of pepper and frankincense in perfume.

    Black Pepper: distinctively black pepper. Initial blast had me smelling small amounts of citrus and incense but they disappeared. Also smelled a little salty - giving the impression of salt and pepper.

    Black Pepper
    , 2% dilution in carrier oil: in this form, it is soft and has a warm character. It has definitely less bite than white pepper. I see it spicing up floral notes nicely, but rose in particular. Pity it had nil staying power.

    Pepper, Black: hard to describe but it just smells like the typical nose tingling pepper smell

    Pepper - First of all, the Black Pepper CO2 is awesome! This is what I was looking for in a black pepper.
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