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    Compiled from the Note Identification Project thread:

    Coconut (Fragrance Oil)- whoa it actually smells like coconuts!

    Coconut - as with the vanilla, this reminds me of candles I have smelled. Sweet, salty, nutty, latex rubber

    Coconut – suntan oil maybe a candle as Asha suggests.

    Coconut - Again, I doubt it is natural. Possibly it contains something like methyl laitone, and there are other notes in the accord. Actual coconut oil can smell terribly rancid and soapy. This stuff is pure macaroon. Yummy.

    Coconut Fragrant Oil - as advertised. At the level which emits from the oil (meaning rather lightly), it was remarkably reminiscent of Creed Virgin Island Water. Yet, interestingly, my whole patio had a mild coconut scent just from the paper tester laying around.
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    where would you put it according to longevity?
    Top, middle or base notes?
    Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. ~Confucius

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    Longevity will vary depending on what the source is. For the Fragrance Oil I sampled, the longevity was short and projection very mild, so it was definitely a top to mid note. However, I have smelled some fragrances (such as L'Artisan Premiere Figuier Extreme) in which the coconut lasted into the late middle stage of development. I have never smelled coconut in the base notes of any fragrance, but then again, I have not smelled everything.
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    I also think it is somewhere between top and heart... but closer to top.
    Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. ~Confucius

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    I like Coconut in Gardenia perfumes ,
    but recently I interested in Coconut - Rum : like Straight to Heaven and Ava Luxe Dark Coconut ...
    Looking for Creed Spice & Wood / swap fragances , Creed Vingate Tabarome and more...

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    I really like coconut mixed with lime which tempers it a bit.

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    I love Creed Virgin Island Waters, Ralph Hot, and Jlo Miami Glow. Anyone else?

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    I like Ralph Rocks which also has coconut in it.

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    creed VIW amazing coconut notes with lime and sweetness. perfect florida summer scent. I would say it is a middle note in VIW?

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