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    Compiled from the Note Identification Project thread:

    Opoponax, Kenya, Soma Luna, tinctured – Nutty, smooth, old wood aroma.

    Opoponax - I find Les Nereides Imperial Opoponax to have a very soft resinous quality. Opoponax is the star of the show, but I detect a heavy dose of benzoin in it also.

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    Cross posting: Favorite Opoponax?

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    Having never researched opoponax I decided to look into it a bit. According to the internet, opoponax is frequently referred to "sweet myrrh" due to it's dual association with it's more famous sibling in the resin family and similar odor.

    Here's a handful of links I found related to the use of opoponax in perfumery, rather than traditional medicine.

    And be sure to check out scentemental's excellent contribution here:
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    Thanks, DomanCC! The last thread you posted also has good info about labdanum, so I'll scurry over and put it there too

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    Default Oppoponax

    This always keeps me wondering what does Oppoponax Smell like and would love to
    have an full detail of the scent thanks .

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    I dislike the opoponax eo I have , it is really strange, but the abs I love.. it is treakly, balsamic, benzoiny/vanilliary and very toffee like,and a touch of jammy fruit, so different to the eo i have .

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    Opoponax - I have described this already in another thread. A smell that could be pushed to create a diesel/plastic/mechanic's workshop sort of smell. Or it could be pushed in a totally different direction and could give depth to any perfume based on blackcurrants. If this was a person it would be some kind of male Jazz musician in his 50's, based in New Orleans that has an interest in Voodoo. He also sells illegal rum, brandy, and whiskey on the side.

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    I have the eo, and it is quite strong. I dilute it to 5%. It is a very odd, sweet smell, nothing like myrrh imho. I use it in a base I have concocted to help bolster my base notes.

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    Commiphora opoponax - Somalia, hard resin.

    Dark toffee coloured chunks looking like petrified wood. Burnt toffee and smouldering tyres, slight backnote of sulfur. The apocalypse.

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    i agree the most with ClaraAus

    great examples of opoponax are Jean Patou Chaldee - which is more powdery exampleand modern one modern Opium i get it totally different like sweet myrrh,
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ceridwen View Post
    If this was a person it would be some kind of male Jazz musician in his 50's, based in New Orleans that has an interest in Voodoo. He also sells illegal rum, brandy, and whiskey on the side.
    Now that's an image!

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    I had some of the absolute from Hermitage, and I must say that it's one of my favorite materials. It smells like toffee and toast, and when diluted it turns the solution red. Now I wonder if bisabolene is a suitable replacement for the absolute. The resin (on charcoal) is all toast and no toffee, but now I wonder if that had to do with other factors; the stuff I had looked and felt like lava rock, and it was nearly impossible to break apart. I literally had to wrap it in a piece of cloth and hit it with a hammer.

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