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    Default Meringue / Meringue Aldehyde / Adoxal / Egg Whites

    Compiled from the Note Identification Project thread:

    Adoxal aka known as Meringue Aldehyde, 2% in carrier oil: interesting, strong and weird! This smell makes me smile as I think of the wonders of chemistry. First of all, yes, it smells like beaten egg white with a dose od sugar, a meringue batter before it is cooked! I smell the egg white more than any other facet, and it's egg with a scintillating metallic effect. I don't think this one is meant to be smelled alone, so I will try some small mixing experiment (at the end of our sniffing). I am glad that I could experience it.

    Adoxal Very strange. Starts out as meringue, becomes drier and greener, aormatic, open and salty. Ends up smelling marine or metallic. Rather unpleasant. Nuances of melted plastic. Unique, dry, complex, but difficult.

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    Default Re: Meringue / Meringue Aldehyde / Adoxal / Egg Whites

    Adoxyal is certainly a weird smell. Apparently, when mixed in tiny doses with vanilla, it gives the illusion of meringue, though the frothy egg smell is barely there when you smell it alone. In fact, the eggy facet is less obvious here than in other aldehydes or calone. It goes on with an explosion of weirdness - smelling of melting plastic and metal, like someone burning a computer. But it's also quite sweet in the way that melting plastic can smell sweet, and it has an abstract floralcy to it as well. It's not that it smells floral, but I can imagine that it could make something else smell more floral when mixed together. Given a few minutes, it settles into an ozone note, that smell of an overheating copy machine or refrigerator.

    Despite its weirdness, Adoxal smells familiar from perfumes. It's a Creed favorite - Erolfa especially seems to have a lot of it. My guess is that it's also responsible for a lot of the weirdness in CDG's iconic Odeur 53 (the "dust on a lightbulb" one). When I review perfumes and say something smells like ozone, it's clearly Adoxal.
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