Compiled from the Note Identification Project thread:

Adoxal aka known as Meringue Aldehyde, 2% in carrier oil: interesting, strong and weird! This smell makes me smile as I think of the wonders of chemistry. First of all, yes, it smells like beaten egg white with a dose od sugar, a meringue batter before it is cooked! I smell the egg white more than any other facet, and it's egg with a scintillating metallic effect. I don't think this one is meant to be smelled alone, so I will try some small mixing experiment (at the end of our sniffing). I am glad that I could experience it.

Adoxal Very strange. Starts out as meringue, becomes drier and greener, aormatic, open and salty. Ends up smelling marine or metallic. Rather unpleasant. Nuances of melted plastic. Unique, dry, complex, but difficult.