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    Default Looking for signature scent--suggestions?

    Hello all,

    I've been lurking for a little while; I'm hunting for a new signature scent. I've worn Lancome's Aroma Tonic Energie for years as an everyday, don't-have-to-think-about-it fragrance. Fresh, happy, not heavy, never a problem. It could never give me a headache. I go to other, more interesting things on the rare occasion that I dress up and want to smell fancy.

    Well, of course Lancome discontinued it a while back (grrrr). I've been hoarding, but have to accept that it's gone and move on.

    I loved Ma Griffe as a child, but not so much in the current formulation. I like citrus, and some florals that are not too sweet or heavy. Don't love rose perfumes. Don't love spicy orientals.

    There are tons of perfumes that smell wonderful, but are not the everyday me. For everyday, I don't want a big statement; I don't want something that wears me. I work with lots of others in close quarters; I'm married and have a five-year-old; most of the time it's not all about me! (Now, on a date with my husband, that's a different story.)

    I've met other scents in the world that seemed as light, friendly and everyday, but they were never formal perfumes--more the scents of lotions, drugstore products, hotel soaps, etc. I never noted what they were, and of course they weren't formulated to last and have much presence. I also always loved the scent (not the soap smell) of Sweetheart Soap, if anyone's old enought to remember it!

    Whenever I mention the Aroma Tonic to store clerks, they immediately want to get me to Bvlgari's Eau de The Vert, but that is not it. I know that green tea is a note in the Aroma Tonic, but it was never predominant for me at all; it was always more citrusy, with a dry-down to a light green.

    Thanks to lurking and reading here, I've tried Un Jardin sur le Nil, but it didn't work at all with my chemistry (had the unfortunate bodily fluid scent someone else mentioned!).I like Annick Goutal's Petite Cherie, Light Blue, and the new Kenzo Green Tea, but they aren't quite it. I'm hoping to find testers of Vert Vert Mitsuoko, and Eclat de Arpege, but only from reading about them.

    The two that have come closest are
    Versace Versense and L'Occitane's Verveine; they've been closest of anything I've been able to meet in person, so far.

    Do these thoughts bring anything to mind? I'd love to get everyone's suggestions on what else to go and sniff!

    This is a great website and a great community; I've really enjoyed reading and getting educated!

    Happy 4th,


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    Default Re: Looking for signature scent--suggestions?

    I suggest trying Annick Goutal Eau d' Hadrien and Les Nuits d' Hadrien-both citrusy and wonderful in my opionion. Also if you like the citrus/tea combo, you should try Carthusia Mediteraneo. To me it smells like lemon iced tea. For some reason I also want to suggest Gucci Envy, it is green and lovely.

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    Default Re: Looking for signature scent--suggestions?

    Hello Ellen,
    I think that Aroma Tonic was an aromatic citrus. And you mentioned you like florals. So, I would suggest:
    Omnia Crystalline by Bvlgari
    O de Lancome
    Eau parfumee au the blanc
    Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca by Guerlain
    Aqua Allegoria Mentafollia by Guerlain
    Green Tea Revitalize by Elizabeth Arden
    Eau Fraiche by Bvlgari
    Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden
    ~ Anais ~

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    Default Re: Looking for signature scent--suggestions?

    And, yes, I second Eau d'Hadrien by Annik Goutal
    ~ Anais ~

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    Default Re: Looking for signature scent--suggestions?

    For fresh and green/citrus scents:

    O de Lancome
    Calyx (Prescriptives)
    Bulgari Eau de The au Vert
    Chanel Cristalle (The EDT, don't let them talk you in to the EdP!)

    For light-ish florals:

    Amazing Grace (Philosophy)
    Truly Me (American Girl/Bath and Body Works, and yes, it sounds crazy, but I'm serious!)

    Since you say you want a "signature," I assume you mean that you like the idea of wearing one fragrance at all times. Many folks here will faint at the notion, because we all love scent to much to stop at one! I can understand the desire to have certain scents associated with you, though. I'd recommend a compromise...assemble a fragrance "wardrobe" with a perfume for each major season and/or function in your life...a work scent, an evening scent, a winter everyday, a summer everyday.....

    Good Luck!

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    Default Re: Looking for signature scent--suggestions?

    Welcome, EllenWF! :wave:

    Like senZuality, I wanted to recommend Eau Parfumée au Thé Blanc after reading your experience with Aroma Tonic & au Thé Vert. It's white tea, not green, and it's a lovely, light, everyday kind of scent.

    L'Artisan's Thé Pour un Été is another possibility.

    I have some other favorite citrus scents (Pink Grapefruit, Arancia di Capri, Lemon Sorbet, et al.), but they don't seem quite as versatile as something like the Bvlgari.
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    Default Re: Looking for signature scent--suggestions?

    I second Chanel Cristalle EDT - it's light, effervescent, with a little bit of softness that keeps it from being too dry.
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    Looking to try Les Senteurs Gourmandes Musc Blanc, Parfums de Nicolai Vanille Intense, Chanel Beige and...everything else!

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    Default Re: Looking for signature scent--suggestions?

    Hi Ellen!

    You might like to try Bulgari Woman, the original from 1994.
    It's floral but not too sweet or spicy in my opinion. Fresh (while not too girly) and also elegant.
    I think it's an interesting, versatile fragrance which would make a great signature scent (if you love it of course). You could probably wear it dressed up or down.

    Best luck and happy sniffing!

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    Default Re: Looking for signature scent--suggestions?

    I think Eclat d' Arpege is probably what you are looking for- beauty encounter has a sample size for $1.99. It is one of my favorites- clean, light, and feminine. I have a few others which might fit the bill for you as well-
    With Love by Guerlain- dry, clean floral
    Bergamot Tea by L'Occitane- lemony-green tea (and you can buy the small bottle for about $10- great deal)
    Il Profumo di Firenze Florentia no 22- Pesca di fiori (it is sold at Barney's- lilac, hyacinth, feminine and unobtrusive, perfect for work, and a little unusual)
    Fresh's Lemon Sugar- nice citrus, but it is very simple
    Dior's Eau Savage- yes it is marketed for men, but it is a terrific citrus/herbal
    I also heartily recommend Cristalle and Chanel no 19- classic and elegant (it might be worth your while to seek the verte version of Cristalle- I haven't tried it but it might be wonderful).

    Happy hunting and welcome to basenotes!

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    Default Re: Looking for signature scent--suggestions?

    Hi all, and thanks for your wonderful array of suggestions. I've had a great couple of weeks finding and sniffing most of them!

    Here's a quick update: 1) I've tried to avoid ones that are already discontinued, to prevent further heartbreak. O de Lancome, for example, is apparently d/cd although you can certainly still find it.

    I tried all of the the' options listed; and none of them worked for me. Oddly, I never smelled much of the tea in aroma tonic; it seemed to disappear, though it was predominant for others. On me it was much more green and citrusy.

    L'Artisan's The Pour un Ete is glorious, glorious (though again I don't really smell the tea; I smell lemon, sweetness, and maybe vanilla--somthing that should be a tasty treat-- at the end). Unfortunately, it's pretty pricey, given that it'll have to be reapplied about every 20 minutes. The same for Element of Surprise by Beth Terry. Just beautiful, but it disappears on me in literally two minutes.

    Eclat d'Arpege should be perfect, based on it's notes, and indeed it smells wonderful--but somehow not like me.

    I still want to "meet" Guerlain's With Love, Bulgari's Au Fraiche, and also Rochas' Eau. Anyone know of a source for me?

    The big contenders--and I'm really excited about both of them--are Bulgari's Pour Femme, and Vent Vert. Who knew? Not as light as I would have expected (though maybe Bulgari's Eau Fraiche could handle the really hot days). But they're both really really wonderful. Vent Vert is also really refreshing, though not super light--which is kind of perfect; refreshing without the disappearing act!

    Given the above, any further thoughts? Is is possible to find any layering pieces (lotion, powder or the like) for Vent Vert? I don't think it will blend well with many other scents, so it'd be good to have a couple of layers.

    BTW, I note that these choices probably put me firmly in the "old lady fragrances" camp; I've been following that discussion with interest. I was raised with a classiscist in these matters (my grandmother favored Dior, Patou, Chanel etc. And there were rituals of application.). I inherited some wonderful old bottles, though the contents were long gone off.

    I appreciated the comment about not just having one signature, and to reassure you, I've never imagined wearing only one fragrance. But I want something to wear daily, without early morning decisions, that will work in most contexts. Then when I'm doing something fancy, special, or unusual, I can choose somthing that's not everyday.

    Thanks everyone for the excitement, the education, and the great suggestions!! I'll post how it turns out!
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    Default Re: Looking for signature scent--suggestions?

    EllenWF, O de Lancome is not discontinued. However, if you are concerned about longevity, it may not be the best choice anyway...

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    Default Re: Looking for signature scent--suggestions?

    Hello all,
    Just thought I'd post an update. After two glorious months of education and exploration, here's my scoop.

    I think I've found my HG, and it's Vent Vert in the original formulation. And the second formulation is quite nice, though quite different. Classically my luck to find an HG frag that's doubly discontinued!

    I also love Chanel 19--EDT, EDP and Parfum, though they are different. First runner up and it's available!

    Bel Respiro is gorgeous. I have to do more to check its longevity on me. Funny that the original VV is less expensive, even though it's discontinued!

    O de Lancome is wonderful in a summery, lovely way.

    Y is wonderful, closely related to No 19, and certainly more affordable! But not as wonderful as the Chanel.

    I've met LOTS of other beautiful fragrances along the way. These are the front runners in my quest for an everyday, automatic go-to fragrance. I'll live with them a bit.

    Now my next challenge is to find a winter fragrance to love! See where that leads me. Suggestions?

    Thanks for all of your wonderful suggestions; they were very helpful, and led me to the right places!


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    Default Re: Looking for signature scent--suggestions?

    Chanel No.19 in winter is quite nice, I have found--especially the parfum strength. It was actually the winter weather that allowed it to click for me. Preface that with "California" winter weather--it is more like fall in 4-season climates

    Anyway, if you do want a different all-around winter scent, did you have something in mind other than green?
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    Default Re: Looking for signature scent--suggestions?

    It just hit me that you should try Jicky by Guerlain. An aromatic citrus w/ lavender on me.

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    Default Re: Looking for signature scent--suggestions?

    Hi Ellen!

    I would reccomend Marc Jacobs Daisy, it's a very pleasant green floral that would suit everyday wear.
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