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    Default Chanel no.5 eau de cologne

    Does anyone out there know anything about Chanel No.5 eau de cologne? As far as longevity, sillage and the scent compared to the parfum, eau de parfume and edt? I've never really heard of this in an eau de cologne.

    I have a chance on buying an unopened box of the The Chanel 5 edc and wanted to check here first as to whether or not it would be a good buy.
    How about Chanel Allure in edt or edp? Which would you prefer and why? I have a chance to buy a bottle of Allure also but I don't know what strength.


    Ray Bayer

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    Default Re: Chanel no.5 eau de cologne

    Hi! I absolutely LOVE the eau de cologne catagory. It lasts on my skin. Chanel No.5 EDC is one of my favorites and it is getting harder to find. It's the same "blast" you first get from Chanel No.5 Eau Premier, then Eau Premier developes differently, not badly, but differently. I'm not familiar with Allure, go I can't help you there.

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    Default Re: Chanel no.5 eau de cologne

    I have an old bottle...not sure when it's from, I think 60's(?) Topnotes are a little off, but otherwise, I'd say it's closest to the current EDT, but stronger. It also has much stronger musks in the base, and is overall very rich and opulent.

    Like Evyan said, it's not easy to find anymore...not sure when they d/c'd it (if they did).

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    Default Re: Chanel no.5 eau de cologne

    I just received what looks to be a vintage bottle of Chanel No 5 EDC on ebay. I am probably the only person on the planet who has never tried the parfum, so I can't comment on a comparison. But I find this bottle of edc incredibly overpowering. I will probably sell it, as aldehydes seem to give me a headache. It lasted for hours before I gave up and scrubbed. The dry down was gorgeous and musky, but just too much.

    The next time I go to Saks, will search out the parfum to compare it.
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