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    Default Help...and Suggestions for New Colgone

    Hey guys, I am buying two new colognes and have grouped the 6 I am interested in into two categories

    My collection so far is: Versace Dreamer, Gucci Envy, Dolce and Gabbana The One, Armani Code.
    I know I don't have any niche fragrances but me living a smaller city (don't have opportunity to sample them) and not having money just make me stick to well-known fragrances.

    My two categories of interest are:
    1. Mugler Ice*Men, Versace Pour Homme, Gucci Pour Homme II
    2. YSL Body Kouros, Rochas Man, Chanel Platinum Egoiste

    It would be super helpful if you guys would suggest a fragrance from each category and I can go on from there. Regarding the first category, I have tried Versace Pour Homme and Gucci Pour Homme II, but not Ice Men. Would Ice*MEn be popular with the ladies. And with a question on Gucci Pour Homme II, will I get noticed if I wear this because many reviews said it is a very subtle scent that doesn't last. I have been able to smell it on myself 12 hours later, but haven't had the opportunity to wear GPH2 out, so I am not sure. Any comments or whatever are always welcome. Thanks for helping a newbie.

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    Default Re: Help...and Suggestions for New Colgone

    Out of the first category, you might also like B*Men and Mugler Cologne, both by Mugler
    Second category, although the scents I will suggest now might night always fall exactly into this particular group, there might be: Dior Homme, Chanel Allure, even Chanel Antaeus (if you like it more classic), L' Instant de Guerlain, Azzaro Visit
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    Default Re: Help...and Suggestions for New Colgone

    Welcome there!

    Well sticking to your categories, coz Im not sure what else is available to you

    1. Gucci Ph2 - because I own it and like it best out of the 3. I like the spice tea note there is to it. Apart from Gucci Envy, GPH2 is one of the best from the label imo. And I think it will get you more positive feedback from ladies. However it has never lasted that long on me, so if it does for you, you should highly consider it...

    2..YSL Body Kouros - to me its candy sweet and does last a fair bit I really don't find much similarities between this and the original Kouros which would be entirely out of the category. This is much easily likable and very nose-friendly.

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    Default Re: Help...and Suggestions for New Colgone

    Versace PH is quite a bit different from anything you currently own and draws compliments like crazy. It also lasts extremely well and works both casually and semi-formal (i'd opt for something different for a very formal event, but it would work in a pinch).

    Out of those you listed, I'd say that is the one "sure buy" - I truly think it's a five-star scent.

    Ice*Men might be the other worth considering as it is sufficiently different from anything you already own. There is a lot of overlap in terms of function when you are considering things like Rochas Man and Body Kouros against some of them you already own like Code, The One, etc.
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    Default Re: Help...and Suggestions for New Colgone

    A mini-rant...not a big fan of Versace PH...Must be body chemistry or something, but I tested it last weekend, it seems so run-of-of the-mill...I tested it with Solo Loewe, the Loewe won hands down

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