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    Default Intentional or Coincidence?

    When a perfumer creates a new fragrance that reminds us of another, is it because they had inspiration from other frags and did that on purpose? Or is it because there are just so many scents, and with over 12,000 frags out there, there is bound to be duplication?

    Case in point - I Just sampled one of Montale's newest - Boise Fruite. I like it, but to me it's a dead ringer for Creed Silver Mountain Water, or is that Bond No. 9 Hamptons. : ) Well, you know what I mean, and there are many threads on the board describing similar scents.

    So do you think it was created that way by design, or just an accident?

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    Default Re: Intentional or Coincidence?

    A bit of both. I think most of the time its perfumers will definitely want to create something that's most unique. But profits and corporate pressures usually prevail. Thats why there is so much of these weak fresh/aquatic stuff saturating the market.

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