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Thread: Night owl!

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    I am new to this group, and just want to say hi! I have several Guerlains that I love and am proud to own, a few Hermes, and one Worth (Courtesan). I have numerous minis, and many samples from The Perfumed Court. I lean towards classics, and am currently trying to score "Inoui"! (I have a nice 8 ml. decant, but yearn for a full bottle.) 'Bye for now, and I'll be back in touch soon, to learn and to get acquainted.

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    Inoui is a tough one to start with, depending on your budget, that is. Plus, you already have an 8ml decant. You may want to keep your senses peeled for something easier to get that isn't d/c only because it is frustrating and sometimes the older stuff is expensive AND spoiled. You really take your chances. I say that, but I have never tried Inoui.
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    Hey, jdstone! Welcome! I learn something new here everyday, I've found it may be the most excellent resource for fragrance there is! Which Guerlains do you have? I'm a little envious, I've been trying to "get" Guerlains but they all seem to smell horrible on me.
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