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    Default Atomizer/ Mini edt question...

    Hey people ...since i travel a bit nowadays, i prefer to carry travel size versions of my favt scents etc..... I have tried sample colognes of 1-2ML ..which came in atomizers ...but i could never use another fragrance on the same atomizer and re use it...cause the scent of the earlier used fragrance stays matter what!!....ive found some good deals on some mini edts online...just wanted to know..whether mini edt bottles are also throw these atomizers ..i mean the scent of the old fragrance stays on foreveR?.....

    thanks guys...

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    Default Re: Atomizer/ Mini edt question...

    Heya! well I dont reuse my decant atomizers for different scents but i do hear that some household vinegar(the transparent one) can kill of the linger of the previous scent. Someone want to confirm this?
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