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    Default No, Not Another Angel Thread...Angel Summer Flash!

    I was poking around tonight in my decants/samples and discovered this one. I'm sure I wore it when I first got it a few years ago but had forgotten about it.

    Mistake. Remarkably nice, if not unusual frag, and as the reviewers have said here, nothing like Angel. Even though it was released as a "special/limited edition," I have no trouble finding it for sale...even the reviews here have a link to a retailer.

    It really does strike me as a warm weather scent. Almost "light," though persistent.

    Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: No, Not Another Angel Thread...Angel Summer Flash!

    I haven't worn it myself but I believe my friend has this. When he wore it around me it just seemed so light and almost forgettable. I'm sure it smells great when smelled up close as he has commented but I personally had trouble smelling it off of him.

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    Default Re: No, Not Another Angel Thread...Angel Summer Flash!

    I may be mistaken but I believe Summer Flash became Ice*Men when it went from a limited edition to permanent, and that it wasn't reformulated. Assuming that's true I'm a big fan. Its unique to have a warm-weather scent with no citrus, and the combo of patchouli and coffee is spot on. Before you buy a bottle you may want to make sure you can't get a better price on Ice*Men.

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