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    Testers I understand (I think). But while looking for KC Obsession for Men, I ran across an unboxed one on Parfum1, which was less than Scentiment's tester (which they are out of). What, other than the obvious, has "unboxed" got to do with it? Figured that probably all bottles would come boxed to begin with for protection. Thanks for insights, John

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    What i gather is that the tester would not come with the ORIGINAL tester box(misplaced, torn up, returned item that was missing the box etc). I'm pretty sure they will send your order with proper protection like foam or bubble wraps or a make-shift box. Its the same if yours was a non-tester. Its really common to see "unboxed" items. Or you could just contact them to be certain for yourself why it is relatively cheaper? thats what im understanding from your post, hope this helps
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