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    Default shopping overseas?

    Hi folks. If there are threads that deal with this question, please direct me there - I did a couple quick searches but that doesn't mean they're not out there!

    I'm heading to Italy this fall and am interested in buying some scents while there. Specifically I want to buy some 10 Corso Como while in very shop itself. It occurred to me, though, that it might be more complex than just snapping it up and rushing it home.

    If you are experienced international buyers, I would love for you to give advice on shopping overseas. Are prices better when you're in the country of production? How do you deal with customs? Does bringing a bottle home end up costing more or less than just ordering it here?


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    Default Re: shopping overseas?

    In my experience, perfume is equally costly in the country in which it is made, except perhaps in duty free shops - check out your online prices here first! Also, your credit card will charge you a fee for an international transaction and the EU has the VAT taxes on top of price up to 17% or more!

    All this has never stopped my own binges in France and UK, often it is easier to mail the purchases to yourself marked beauty products as customs will charge duty on perfume, You are permitted to import only a certain amount too - like liquors.

    All said about the negatives, there is nothing like the memories of buying a special treat or 4 in a tiny perfumerie to enjoy at home!

    Good luck and good hunting!
    Look for L'Erbolario in Italie, beautiful and inexpensive line -


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