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    Cool About the GIT shower gel...

    So I recently bought Green Irish Tweed shower gel. Has anyone tried layering this on other Creed scents? Would it work if I say, sprayed SMW or MI on top of this? Or would the scents clash and smell "messy?"

    I would appreciate it if anyone that has this shower gel can comment on what they spray on top of it.


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    Default Re: About the GIT shower gel...

    I'm sorry I don't have this showergel, but how long after you get out of the shower do you smell the showergel?

    If it's for a half an hour or so, it basicly shouldn't matter what you spray on top, right?

    Good luck

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    Default Re: About the GIT shower gel...

    I love it very much. I've no problems layering it with Silver Mountain Water (although I believe the real thing would be even better). Looking at your would go with Original Vetiver, too.

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