A generous friend sent me a box of vintage minis, and included in that was one of those “Parfums de France” sets that they used to sell from duty-free carts on planes. I have tried some of the scents and they’re really not too bad -- there’s a green, a simple floral, a jasmine-based heavy floral and so on. The manufacturer was “Charrier Parfums 06220 Vallauris France. Ingredients list only “Ethyl alcohol” and “Fragrance.” The inside of the box has a photo of the Arc de Triomphe at night. The perfumes are “Windy,” “Africa,” “Air de France,” “Vagabond,” “Kabord,” “Shange,” “Gerine,” “Kinou,” “Folies de France,” and “Madisha.” Manufacturers include “St. Sauveur,” “A. Blanc,” “Amouroux,” “Parforomes France,” and Charrier. The bottles are about 1 1/2 ml, parfum strength. The packaging is slick paperboard with gold lettering and a symbol of the Eiffel Tower.

Does anybody know anything about these perfumes? I’m wondering if they’re knockoffs, who may have made them, how they came to be. These sets were very common in the 60’s and 70’s.