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    Anyone familiar with Zadig & Voltaire´s (first) fragrance? I have tried it twice and really like it. The first time a got a lot of Patchouli in the drydown and today mostly musks and flowers...

    What is your opinion on this?
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    do you mean Tome 1 - La Purete? To me it smells like milk & patchouli. It starts out stronger on the condensed milk note, also a milky note similar to the smell/taste of those chewy rice candies with the edible wrappers you can get in chinatown, then it dries down into more of a straight patchouli with maybe a touch of musk. It's a bit of a weird scent in that I like it, but only on occasion, and *only* when smelled from a bit of a distance. I like having it on my wrist and smelling it with my arms away from my nose; when I bring my wrist to my nose for a direct sniff it actually makes me slightly woozy/nauseous.

    It's definitely *very* different, but I don't think i'll be buying a full bottle when my decant runs out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nvrlnd View Post
    do you mean Tome 1 - La Purete?
    Yes - that´s the name of it. I forgot (and know zero French...).
    "Wonderfully wild, eminently civilized" - Derby by Guerlain

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    I tried it in a Z&V in Paris. Beautiful bottle. Milky scent. Lovely jasmine. A little sweet. Very pure itself. It smells like niche, but not special enough for me to buy. Besides, I found this one was a little feminin for a man.
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