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    Question Charriol Pour Homme EDT - ????

    Has any one tried this one? It is described as a fourge oriental - pear, lemon, green leaves, violet leaves, rose, marigold, cedar, amber and musk.

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    Default Re: Charriol Pour Homme EDT - ????


    I haven't tried it, but I know it was created by Dominique Ropion. That's enough to commend it. Do you know where it's available?

    Here is a more comprehensive list of notes from velvety pear, lemon, green leaves, fresh grass, violet
    leaves, rose, marigold, lavender, cedar, amber, musk


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    Default Re: Charriol Pour Homme EDT - ????

    I'm also interested in getting comments on it, but can't find any reviews on the net. The scent is not even listed in BN directory. I think my regular source has the tester (and also the pour Femme EDP). It's a tad more expensive (~ $45).

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    I did order a bottle to try - it must be good because all the 3.4oz bottles are sold out.

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    Yes I have tried it! But, on the card

    From what I can remember, it's a light, bright oriental scent, which smells modern and full of confidence.

    I have seen it being sold for about $60-65 on ebay. I'll wait till the price has decreased.

    I wish I tested in on my skin. That day I already had 2-3 scents on both arms. I saw a bottle of Charriol Pour Homme too late.
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    Default Re: Charriol Pour Homme EDT - ????

    This was a huge let down for me! It smells like a bad knock off of Lacoste Style in Play - not very long lasting with no sillage.

    Bottle is the nice part of this fragrance - thats all!

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    Default Re: Charriol Pour Homme EDT - ????

    Purchased it at Charriol in Geneve recently and I love everything about it.

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    A fougere with no lavender? The notes sound like a real nasty clash, at least in terms of what I like, but of course it's hard to tell because there can be very small amounts of some notes.

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    Default Re: Charriol Pour Homme EDT - ????

    The pyramid mention lavender, indeed!
    I own this one and find it wonderful. This is a very original take on fougère, with a slight fruity twist. Just as Lacoste did with Lacost Elegance. I don't mean both are alike or even close. I just want to underline the fact that their share the same originality and oriental vibe. Charriol is brighter and it's fougère dimension is perhaps more... obvious, to my nose.

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    I got a tester cheaply a a sale. This is a fruity fragrance, where the fruit is that abstract "can't really say which exact fruit it is" kind of way. Reminds me of a coss between cK Escape for men and XS Black pour homme. Not exactly my favourite cologne.

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