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    Just wanted to delurk & say hello. I am an artisan soaper, chandler, and all around scent freak. I'm just dipping my toes into the niche fragrance world, though I have quite a few existing scents in my soap & candle oils (dupes from Serge Lutens, Profumum, Costes, etc.).

    I'm starting small, doing tons of research & ordering some samples. My other hobbies keep my Visa smokin' as it is...

    And I should be just "Outlandish" but I botched my registration!

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    Warmest of Welcomes! Like you I've just started my climb of the niche mountain and i think what you're doing so far with the researching and sampling is a great start already. About smoking your CC, i think joining BN would actually help you with seething out the better deals so its all good

    We have more "outlandish" nicks around really

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    Hello and a warm welcome to you Outlandish ! I hope you find many friends here and much knowledge too !
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    Hee! Ooutlandish sounds a bit like you have the stereotypical Canadian/Northern Midwestern Accent, eh? You betcha.

    Welcome! You're smart to be focusing on samples...check out the many threads for sources for cheap-to-free ones!

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    Thank you for the warm welcomes!

    Well my first samples came today, so that is keeping my sniffer busy So far I am enjoying
    10 Corso Como & L'artisan Safran Troublant the most. I find that I like a LOT of scents, but to get me to part with the $$ I've learned it has to really make me weak in the knees! I think the first scent that did that for me was Laura Biagiotti's Venezia back in the '90s.

    Off to huff some coffee and start over!

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    Welcome, Outlandish!

    I'm sure you'll find the folks here very helpful and knowledgeable! They're a great resource, I'm definitely learning a lot as I start my scenty journey.
    "Curiosity is insubordination in its purest form." - Alexander Skarsgård
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    A very nice welcome to you, outlandish! You sound like a person who has a lot to bring to this particular hobby and forum. I too am a candle-maker and I have taken a soap-making class, so I appreciate your background. We look forward to dialogue with you.
    Cheers, ody

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