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    Default The Egoiste Thread Need Help

    okay !
    so I know that the new egoiste has been reformulated
    so there is vintage egoiste
    and egoiste concentree

    I managed to get my hands on a 4.2 oz Splash bottle of Egoiste (EDT not aftershave)

    Basically my question(s) are, is that a vintage bottle?
    how does vintage egoiste compare to the concentree version

    and how bad is the new stuff, and can I tell if I have the vintage egoiste or the reformulation

    thanks guys!
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    Default Re: The Egoiste Thread Need Help

    Seriously, all those questions are irrelevant if you just open the splash bottle and smell the stuff. If you like it, time to party. If you don't, that stuff isn't for you.

    There's the temptation to imagine you can break this stuff down into clear steps of a ladder--what's good and what's a step above versus a step below. As if we can all tell you where the steps of the ladder are and which one is the best one. WE CAN'T.

    Smell the stuff and let yourself decide if it's good for you. We can't help or give you confidence one way or the other. Your nose is the expert, no one here reading your words and touching their keyboard is.

    Smell the stuff and live.
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Default Re: The Egoiste Thread Need Help

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    .......and how bad is the new stuff
    The new stuff isnt bad at all! Its just a tad more subtle and not that loud anymore, but still a fragrance of strong presence.
    Luca Turin says on the new Egoiste (and I agree with him): "Ive never smelled Bois Noir, from which Egoiste was derived, but I suspect this is closer to the original. This is now the most Guerlain-like of all the Chanels..."
    A wonderful fragrance!

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    Default Re: The Egoiste Thread Need Help

    my take on the new vs old egoiste is that the new one smells more harsh (particularly in the opening). vintage egoiste is smoother and does not sting my nose.

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    Default Re: The Egoiste Thread Need Help

    I don't notice any difference with different versions I've had and tried.

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    Default Re: The Egoiste Thread Need Help

    I compared the current formulation of Egoiste to a vintage Egoiste cologne concentree and preferred the concentree, however, they are both fantastic!

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    I prefer the latest reformulation -- it's lighter and I wear it in any season.

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