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    Default My First New York Fragrance Junket

    Yesterday, I had to go to New York for an appointment, so I set aside time to visit some fragrance shops. Here’s a somewhat abbreviated summary of my first experience.

    My main destinations were Aedes de Venustas, Bergdorf Goodman, and C. O. Bigelow. All had a wonderful array of fragrances—although Bergdorf Goodman made me feel like Ethyl Mertz at Don Loper, and the salesperson relentlessly pushed Creeds on me (the associates at the other stores were much less intrusive). I finally allowed her to spray Virgin Island Water on me, but I didn’t like the coconut. Silver Mountain Water and Bois de Portugal smelled better on the strips, but by then I was contaminated, so I didn’t skin test them.

    I got samples of Nostalgia and Patchouly Leaves at Aedes and skin tested Aqua de Parma Colonia Intensa and Cipresso di Toscana at Bigelow. I haven’t tried the Aedes samples yet, but I think Colonia Intensa is lovely. At first I thought it was simply a stronger version Eau de Rochas Pour Homme, but eventually it showed itself as a different but very pretty citrus and wood fragrance with a little tinge of leather mixed in. Cipresso di Toscana was also pleasant but not what I expected— it smelled a bit like sunscreen to me. I can say that longevity is very good for both; I put them on at about 8:30 AM, and I’m still smelling them at 8 PM.

    I also visited Sephora, where the associates also offered to make me samples of anything I wanted, but I didn’t see anything I wanted.

    Finally, killing time until my train departure, I went to Macy’s to see whether the New York store had anything different from my local store. Mostly not—except that on a small Aramis counter tucked in a corner, I saw a tester of JHL. I’ve never seen that in a store. I asked the associate whether they actually had it, and he said they did, but I didn’t buy it and didn’t even ask the price, although I probably should have.

    So, from my first fragrance trip to New York, Colonia Intensa has gained a spot on my buy list; I have a couple of new samples to explore; and I know that JHL is actually available. It was a fun outing.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Default Re: My First New York Fragrance Junket

    Sounds like fun! I did the same thing last month except I went to Bendels after Bergdorfs, which is two blocks away. I wasn't accosted by a Creed rep, either. You were a lot nicer to the SA pushing Creed then I would have been, that's for sure.

    My local Macys has JHL, but probably because it's been sitting unsold for a decade.

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    Default Re: My First New York Fragrance Junket

    Quote Originally Posted by buzzley View Post
    So, from my first fragrance trip to New York, Colonia Intensa has gained a spot on my buy list
    ADP CI is fave of mine as well. BTW, what do you think of Nostalgia?

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