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    Default Citrus / Linalool

    Compiled from the Note Identification Project Thread:

    Linalool Ė Having smelled real rosewood, I expected to be unimpressed, but this is a pleasant surprise. Surely itís not as good as rosewood, but it has that lovely woody-lemon aroma. I realize that my favorite menís fragrances feature linalool, at least the ones that donít bury it under citrus, herbal, and leather accords. Excellent note.

    Linalool: aha, this is an interesting, widely used note. Floral? Not to my nose. Initially, it smells like anise or artemisia and a tiny bit lemony. The impression is bitter-sweet. This note is joined by green shoots, and in this phase I am able to associate the scent with a green floral note - the smell of tulips comes to my mind. Eventually, the anise note takes on woody undertones. It is rather tenacious.

    Linalool: at first I got pretty, inoffensive, floral - rosey(ish). Then suddenly it changed and became resolutely minty
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    Default Re: Citrus / Linalool

    Linalool is present in a lot of female fragrances also?

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    Linalol (Linalool) is a naturally occuring chemical found in a large number of Essential Oils including Bergamot, Lavender, Lavandin, Rose wood, Ho Leaf. It is used either in the Essential Oil, or on its own and is one of the building blocks of Perfumery.It will be found in just about every fragrance you care to smell.

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    Default Re: Citrus / Linalool

    Quote Originally Posted by David Ruskin View Post
    It will be found in just about every fragrance you care to smell.
    I always felt as much but wasn't sure.

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    When I first sniffed this (from a perfumer's notes kit), my nose went "Aha! I know that smell from cleaning products." It's a mellower lemony smell with a slight edge, kinda green.

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