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Thread: Clove / Eugenol

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    Default Clove / Eugenol

    From the Note Identification Project thread:

    Methyl Iso Eugenol
    Dry, woody, tea-like note with some realistic tannin bitterness. A bit spicy.

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    Default Re: Clove / Eugenol

    i mix clove with carnation (Clove pink), but clove seems to be a bit less beautiful of the 2

    its strangely bitter-sweet, that sweet part reminds me of tea from marshmallow roots...we drink here for problems with lungs....or it can be somehow spicy almost peppery (Lush Flower Market )

    perfume that is my reference for clove is Tabu vintage, that note makes it sickly sweet, but then turns out nice i wonder if beeing used there because of the below :

    Cloves are a widely used medicine in Asian herbalism. They have been considered an aphrodisiac in China since the 3rd century B.C. Even in Europe they quickly acquired some fame; the Danish medieval herbalist Harpenstreng realised the value of cloves, stating that they "makes the man desire the woman", and that they promote digestion.

    from modern perfumes i love it in the opening of Beloved w. it gives kind of an old school vibe to it

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