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    Default Ozone / Maritima

    Compiled from the Note Identification Project thread:

    Maritima and Dihydromyrcenol are used together in many modern masculine fragrances.

    Maritima - Biggest deja vu I've ever had, and the thing that it smells like has been bugging me for YEARS! It almost has a wet dog smell. I've tried to explain before, but I've always wondered what causes that smell when you go outside on a hot, sunny day and come back in and have that nasty smell that you notice. Sometimes you pick up a drinking glass that you were using earlier and it smells of this. Almost a metallic, ozone quality-- but it's not sweat or anything like that. I'm guessing it's some sort of reaction between materials, It's especially bad when people wear polyester clothing. But sometimes that smell can come from freshly washed clothes hung outside to dry-- once when I was a teenager, I forbade my mom from hanging my clothes outside because I hated the way they smelled. Maritima is EXACTLY that smell. What is it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asha View Post
    Compiled from the Note Identification Project thread:

    . . . Maritima is EXACTLY that smell. What is it?
    OK so I'm two years late answering this question, but Maritima is an IFF brand name for marine pyridine (CAS number 38462-23-6). According to The Good Scents Company listing it isn't found in nature, though I suspect that means that there isn't a viable natural source of it rather than that it never occurs - so it might be in that left-behind glass as a trace perhaps.
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